In the world of hardstyle, there are plenty of great producers. Everyone started out as a talent and some managed to become huge artists within the scene. There are some uprising talents you should definitely keep an eye on so I made a list of artists that deserve a stage, do you know them all?

After the 1.0 version of this article was so well appreciated by you guys, we thought: let’s make a 2.0. We got a lot of reactions with other upcoming artists that should not be missing from this list so here it is: the 2.0 version of the most promising producers to watch at the moment!


This Dirty Workz established talent had his first release almost two years ago. The genre he makes is euphoric, dragging hardstyle in which he distinguishes himself with his very own sound. He’s super talented and so he definitely already has a number of fans who see a lot of potential in him. With tracks like ‘Eclipse’ and ‘To The Stars’ he has already won many hearts and I hope to see a lot more of him in the near future!

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Level One is also definitely a talent that should not be missing from this list. This raw-hardstyle producer has been working on his way as a full-fledged hardstyle artist for a while now. He has even been on line-ups such as Dominator, Rebirth, Intents Festival, Loudness, Shockerz, Live For This, and more. Currently, he’s signed to the sub-label of Scantraxx: Carbon, and we think we’re going to see a lot more of this upcoming artist. So, brace yourself for Level One in the years to come!

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And then, brand new in our scene, the Art of Creation Eternity signed duo Last of Us. These young men had managed to box their way up to full artists with the AoC label. After they were the very first ones to release on this new sub-label, they immediately managed to make a mark in the hardstyle scene. ‘High’ has been streamed a lot by now, and their second release ‘Supernova’ is also going very well. The production skills are top notch and I am sure we will be hearing a lot from these guys in the near future. Watch out for Last of Us!

Their music is available for download via this link.


That Mutilator should not be missing from the list is one thing that is certain. We asked you guys on Insta stories who the most promising producers at the moment are, and it’s insane how many of you said Mutilator! With tracks like ‘Burn In Hell’ and ‘To The Ground’ he knows how to hit the right strings with his fans, keep up the good work! Currently, he’s based at Gearbox Digital and I’m curious what the future will bring him, I think we’re going to see a lot more of him!

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If you ask me, Retrospect is also doing super well. With tracks like ‘Together’ or his collab with Primeshock ‘Retroshock’, the young talent gained a lot of recognition, wll done Retrospect! He is also working hard as a DJ and has even played huge events such as Defqon.1, REBiRTH, The Qontinent, X-Qlusive Holland, Decibel Outdoor, Q-BASE, and many more. Let’s see what the future holds for Retrospect.

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Invector should not be missing from this list either. He has been building up his reputation for some time now. With tracks such as ‘Crashing Down’ and his remix of ‘Adaro – Murder’, he managed to score with the hardstyle-public and that is certainly being rewarded. Invector has already played on festvals such as Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Rebirth Festival, Dreamfields Festival, and Live For This. I am curious what we are going to see from this great talent, I hope there is a lot more Invector music to come!

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This duo is also doing super well. Radianze brings together two different styles, one of them being better producing euphoric hardstyle and the other one being better at raw – a great combination of the two styles merged together. With tracks like ‘Let Me In’ and ‘Time Goes On’, they managed to get quite a lot of streams. Their hard work is rewarded because the duo is already on the Defqon.1 line-up. Nice job boys!

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This duo act also received a lot of support from their fans. We received a lot of comments that they should not be missing in this list so here they are: Ressurectz! These young men are signed to APEX and have been releasing tracks like ‘Eternity’ and their collab with Cryex ‘The Heist’ was also well received. They have already played on stages such as Q-Base, Ground Zero, Dominator, Intents Festival, and are even on the line-up for Defqon.1 next year, sick!

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Nighcraft is also one that I think has a lot to offer for the future. He is signed at Scantraxx Carbon and has released tracks there like; ‘Time’ and ‘Into The Dark’. If you ask me he has a lot of talent as a hardstyle producer and I see that getting even better in the years to come. I think we will see a lot more of this DJ, so let’s wait and see what the future holds for Nightcraft! Are you curious about the story behind his latest release? I interviewed him about it and you can read it here.

Check the full catalog of Nightcraft here.


This Spanish prodigy also received numerous votes. It has been fairly quiet around Solstice in 2021, but his first release of the year together with Jay Reeve is coming out tomorrow on Dirty Workz. We can’t wait to hear it! Solstice stands for #EUPHOWER, euphoric & powerful hardstyle and his production skills are just next level. He already played Defqon.1 and REBiRTH and was booked for this year’s edition of Decibel which unfortunately got canceled, but I sure hope to see him there next year!


Scarra received a whole bunch of votes from our followers. Evidently, he has a loyal fan base who believe in him and his music. With his track ‘DOOM’ and his collab with Vasto ‘MURD4’ he managed to enchant the raw-hardstyle fans. Currently he is a steady part of the APEX label. His rising fan base will certainly not be lacking, we think we’re going to see a lot of this talent in the future!

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There are, of course, many more talents who are doing super well right now, but this list is definitely interesting to keep an eye on. Which other artists should I keep an eye on? Let me know via our socials!


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