Hardmission Bangkok: United Music Events unveils full lineup

Transmission and Hardmission Bangkok, the highly anticipated two-day electronic music festival in Thailand, has revealed an impressive lineup for its 2023 edition. Headliners include Darren Styles, Coone, Sickmode, D-Block & Stefan, Sefa, and renowned Trance artists for the Tranmission show. Held at BITEC Bang Na, this unforgettable event promises an incredible experience for all attendees.

Since 2006, Transmission has expanded globally, hosting successful events in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Australia. In 2017, Transmission Bangkok debuted in Southeast Asia, becoming a highly anticipated event in the region. With over 8,000 patrons from 80+ countries, this year’s festival promises to be even bigger and better. It introduces Hardmission, featuring a hardstyle lineup and the largest indoor production setup in Southeast Asia. With its unique theme, ‘The Awakening,’ Transmission offers an unforgettable experience for fans of trance and electronic dance music.

Hardstyle in Bangkok

Hardmission ‘The Prophecy,’ which debuted in Prague last year, will make his way to Bangkok.” The ancient prophecy foretells eight prophets set out on a mission to establish a new empire. To create this new empire, it is necessary for each of the prophets to perform a mystical ritual and activate the seals of power on the sacred octahedron.”


Code Black

Dblock Stefan

Darren Styles





Warm up by Ayrton L & MC Marvinz1r

Hosted by Villain

The festival will once again feature state-of-the-art visuals, lights, lasers, and pyrotechnics. With the expertise of team behind Hardmission & Transmission, attendees will be transported to another world. Dance Nation Asia, a driving force behind both events, is excited to announce that over 20 technical support crew members from Europe will fly in to set up and program both festivals. The fusion of the two events will create an even more unforgettable experience with unparalleled production value.

Transmission and Hardmission Bangkok will take place in October 2023, offering fans from around the world the opportunity to experience two of the biggest concepts in electronic dance music over one unforgettable weekend.

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