Kevin Arps, aka Imperatorz. A German DJ/producer who recently joined Scantraxx’s dark main label: BLACK. He is super talented and works hard on his career as a raw hardstyle act. Yesterday he released his latest track: Superpowers and today he will drop exclusive Superpowers merch. I spoke to him about his new release, but also about how he keeps himself busy in these bizarre times. Do you want to know which Superpowers Imperatorz has? Read On!

Despite the current situation, Kevin is doing pretty well “of course I would love to play every weekend but the situation is currently tricky, I would say”. Since all his shows have been canceled, he is trying to keep himself busy with making music. “I try to teach myself new other skills and improve more on a DJ level to make my sets even crazier”. He also streams twice a week on Twitch, “that’s a really fun thing to do, it gives me a chance to connect with the people at home”.

“No matter how bad or good the moment is you’re in – music always helps and supports you in these moments”

So, a sick new track. The story behind the track is that music makes him feel like he has superpowers. “No matter how bad or good the moment is you’re in – music always helps and supports you in these moments”, says Kevin. I think that’s a really nice thought behind the track! In addition, he says that he is secretly a fan of superhero movies, which makes this track super personal if you ask me!

When I asked him about the creative process behind the track, he tells me that he had the melody lying around for a year. When he heard the melody again, he was immediately hooked. He tells me he wrote the lyrics of the head voice first and came up with an additional voice style to harmonize with the head voice. “I love the lyrics haha, it’s weird to say about the own track I guess“.

“It’s time to show a different side of Imperatorz”

Superpowers is a bit different from the previous Imperatorz tracks. “I spent way more time on the vocals and finding the balance between energy and atmosphere”. The kicks, for example, are still powerful, but not super hard like we are used to from him, “my last tracks have been way rougher and I feel it’s time to show a different side of Imperatorz”. 

He was already able to test the track once during his last performance at Harder Force in Germany. According to him, the reactions were great, “I remember when the first kick switch hit from that weird techy to the powerful raw kick, people were surprised big time”. The melody was also well-liked, “I could see that the crowd knew the melody flow which is promising for the next performances to sing it with everyone”.

I was also curious about his own Superpowers… “I got told that Captain America suits me well, might have to change it to Captain Germany?” says Kevin with a laugh. Without jokes… his greatest superpower of all is giving energy, “when I perform, I always give 110% and share my energy and joy for music with the crowd”. He adds that he can drink an awful amount of beer, which is of course a sick superpower if you ask me, haha!


In addition to his new release, Imperatorz dropped exclusive Superpowers merch today. He tells me that he is normally not a big fan of track-related shirts, but he thought this was a fun idea so he thought “let’s give it a try”. It will be a limited edition shirt because he likes to keep it special “We will never restock this design…” So, be fast! You can order the t-shirt HERE. Go, go, go!

If you ask me, Kevin is doing really well. A banger of a release, new merch, and believe me: we’re far from getting rid of him! When I asked about his future plans he says: “The future holds some great things, I’ve finished my collab with Firelite called Never Give Up, which will be premiered really soon. Also, Sickmode and I rediscovered our old project Woohoo, which we will finish up. Aside from the collabs, I’m currently working on my best music.  I got two solo projects and a remix almost finished and I can’t wait to be able to perform again”.

Imperatorz – Superpowers is now available to download at

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