Join the Endgame: Faceless brings Hardstyle’s finest to their stage

Join Faceless as they take Hardstyle to new heights with their upcoming event, ENDGAME, set to redefine the boundaries of the genre. Taking place on May 13th, 2023 at Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, this event will challenge Hardstyle fans with the ultimate experience.

The lineup features 15 top DJs, who will prepare the audience for an end boss that must be defeated in three different levels. Fans can look forward to the German premiere of Gunz For Hire with “Baddest on the Block,” the last set in Germany of DJ The Prophet, the spectacular show of VERTILE’S DIMENSION “X,” and many other highlights.

This isn’t Faceless’ first rodeo; the organization has already hosted successful events such as the Halloween Festival in Oberhausen, which featured five stages with the biggest names in the scene, a Sefa headliner show, and a Faceless Raw Dimension edition. Now, they are bringing us Endgame with the biggest names in Hardstyle, including the following artists:


Act of Rage

Aversion Live


Demi Kanon

Devin Wild pres. The_Innergame



Malice Live


Phuture Noize pres. “From Star To Stardust” 

Riot Shift pres. “Dystopia” 


DJ The Prophet pres. “From the Hard” 



According to the Faceless organizer, “ENDGAME is an event that surpasses all expectations. We have developed a concept that will thrill the fans. We are proud to bring the best of the Hardstyle scene to the stage and take the audience on a journey into a world full of energy, passion, and music.”

Tickets are now available

The gates of the Turbinenhalle open at 7:30 pm, and the show starts at 8:00 pm, running until 6:00 am, allowing visitors to party all night long. Pre-sale tickets are available via this link.

Join Faceless as they set new standards with ENDGAME, bringing the hardest sounds of the scene to the stage. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

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Banner credits: Julian Spanhof


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