Sickmode & Mish: ‘Music is a way for us to speak and express our emotions’

Sickmode and Mish, aka Aleandro & Michelle. They got to know each other through the passion for music they share together. During this interview, they open up about the love they share, how they met, the creation of their brand new RAVE LOVE EP and much more.

RAVE LOVE is just about how these love birds are, and something that came from their hearts. ‘We didn’t really have a plan except to have fun. We like having the freedom to express ourselves so we wanted to show our own individual sounds in a way that everyone else can enjoy other than us’.

Sharing moments in the studio and on stage is really special for us

Where these two get their inspiration from? Basically if it wasn’t for raves or music – they never would have met each other. ‘Sharing moments in the studio and on stage is really special for us. So why not make an EP about it? Also allows us to have some fun on stage together as well’.

Sickmode & Mish have been together for almost 5 years now and the both of them have grown so much in that time. ‘We are always helping one another whether it be in everyday life, musically or emotionally (or physically lmao). We only have each other as ‘family’ here so it has helped us grow a stronger bond’.

We had communication problems at the start

Mish is an Australian and Sickmode is an Italian living in The Netherlands. ‘It really can be difficult sometimes not living in your own country or especially as English isn’t Aleandro’s first language and he actually had to learn it to be able to speak to Michelle (we had communication problems at the start – actually we still do to be honest haha). So music is really another way for us to ‘speak’ and express our emotions because it’s something we can both understand (Well.. sometimes depending on the lyrics as Michelle might have to translate or help write lyrics in correct English haha)’.

Sickmode and Mish got to know each other when Michelle was yearly traveling to The Netherlands from Australia to attend festivals and was an aspiring DJ. In 2017 she ended up randomly meeting Aleandro towards the end of her Euro trip and they attended Fatality together. ‘Things really went well so she decided to move to NL 5 months later and basically we have been together ever since’.

In the near future, we can expect more collabs and performances with the two of them together. ‘For now, we already have six collabs (including three new from the EP), potentially another in the future, but not anytime soon. Recently we played our first B2B and we had so much fun. At the end of the year, we also have some B2B performances confirmed!’

At the moment Sickmode is busy working on the ‘Welcome To The Gang’ party that will be on the 5th November at 013 in Tilburg. Together with Rooler they want to put on an amazing show so they are really focused on that. Mish is still focusing on growing her name so she is busy with finding herself bookings. Recently she had a successful performance at Defqon.1 and is preparing for Decibel outdoor next weekend (Saturday, 17:30 @ Raw Outdoor stage). ‘Together we are in the studio and focusing on another solo track for Mish this year as well’.

RAVE LOVE is out now on all portals!

The EP contains four tracks. Last week they already released RAVE LOVE itself and today they released YOU AND I, WE BURNING THE DANCEFLOOR, ONE AND ONLY. So make sure to check these bangers out!

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