THE KING’S Introducing Hardstyle Azteca: “A Fusion of Cultures”

Hardstyle has found a unique blend with the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. Part of this fusion are the Mexican Hardstyle duo, THE KING’S. Inspired by their native roots, they have successfully merged the worlds of Hard Dance and the multicultural richness of Mexico. With their latest release, “Kukulcán,” THE KING’S are making waves in the Hardstyle scene, introducing the world to their concept of “Hardstyle Azteca.”

In this interview, THE KING’S shared their motivation behind their artistic project, stating, “We lead our project inspired by Mexican cultures, managing to merge two totally different worlds, Hard Dance and the multicultural richness of Mexico.” Their aim is to combine the raw energy of Hard Dance music with the vibrant traditions and history of Mexico, offering a refreshing and unique experience for their audience.

While the Hardstyle scene is predominantly active in the Netherlands, THE KING’S embrace their Mexican origins and view it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. They explain, “Mexico has a great history within the world of Hardstyle, but the growth that has come from a few years ago is creating a great opportunity and making the world turn to see Mexico as a future power in Hardstyle.” By combining their unique perspective with the established traditions of Hardstyle, THE KING’S are poised to contribute to the growth and global recognition of the Mexican Hardstyle scene.

“Kukulcán”: is out now!

Their latest track, “Kukulcán,” serves as a testament to THE KING’S creative prowess. Reflecting on the process of creating this powerful track, they shared, “The creation of ‘Kukulcán’ generated two creative processes to achieve, to be able to express a war chant in the vocal, and to generate such an impacting climax with explosive drops.” With its high-octane energy and vocal elements, “Kukulcán” stands out as THE KING’S most energetic production to date.

With their dedication and passion for their craft, THE KING’S have exciting plans for the future. “THE KING’S promises you a lot of original and passionate music,” they assure their fans. They invite listeners on a journey into their world, the “Hardstyle Azteca,” promising an experience that will leave an indelible mark. In addition, they express gratitude towards K1 Recordz and Kuaukal1 Recordz for supporting them and being part of their journey, shaping their artistic history.

For more updates and information, please check out THE KING’S Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Spotify.

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