The government has announced that it will guarantee the costs incurred by the cancellation of events due to the coronavirus.

Because of the corona virus, most of the physical events couldn’t take place the past year. As a result, many costs were incurred, they only received moderate coverage from the cancellation insurance. Now that option has been scrapped, so this will have a lot of impact on event organizers.

The government has decided to come up with a regulation to overcome these consequences. If an event is cancelled, entrepreneurs will now be reimbursed 80% of the costs. For the remaining 20% they can get a loan.

It is expected that by early July, everyone who wants to will have received their first vaccination. At that point, there will be opportunities for events again and the current restrictive measures will scale down. What exactly will be possible then is not yet entirely clear. Time will tell.

“Van Engelshoven assumes that entrepreneurs can now start organizing summer and fall festivals. She hopes that many visitors will soon be able to enjoy themselves again with music and all those other forms of culture that we now have to miss so much.”

Finally, some positive progress. We are looking forward to visiting events again, it has already lasted long enough if you ask us. We’re hoping to see you all back on a festival again this summer!

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