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Lady Faith opens up about new single Strike Gold: “It’s a fierce ball of energy”

For over 10 years, the American DJ Lady Faith has been producing some of the strongest beats in the harder styles industry. As a Scantraxx main label artist, she has created many top hardstyle tracks such as Party, Winner, Supernova, We The People and many more. Since this week, she can add the single Strike Gold to that list. 

We sat down with Lady Faith to talk about Strike Gold, about her hardstyle music career in general and about EDSea, where she is one of only two Hardstyle artists performing.

Congrats on your new single release! Can you tell us something about Strike Gold? 

“Strike Gold is a fierce ball of energy. It’s non-stop from beginning to end. It’s a fun, aggressive and infectious track set to blow up the dance floor. I think it’s one of my best creations.”

At, we believe that an artist’s journey evolves with each new project. How would you say your sound has evolved with Strike Gold compared to your previous work? 

“Throughout my career I have experimented a lot with my music and since I became a Scantraxx main label artist, that didn’t stop. I still like to have fun and be different with each production. I tried to create a super fun and energetic track, something in your face with a variety of hard-hitting kicks and a little inspiration from Hard Techno.”

We overheard that you are booked as one of the two hardstyle acts at EDSea in November. Are you looking forward to that one? Can you tell us a bit more about how you prepare for such a big festival as this one? 

“I have never performed at a festival on a cruise ship before. I feel honored to be one of the very first Hardstyle artists to perform at EDSea. It’s going to be an incredible four nights of having fun with the fans and traveling to the beautiful Bahamas. I can’t wait to bring that Hardstyle energy to EDSea. As for preparation, I am always ready. Anytime. Anywhere. Let’s go!”

You have created many top Hardstyle tracks in the past couple of years. What is it like to be one of the few female hardstyle artists in The United States? 

“In America, and globally, there are not that many female Hardstyle artists in general. I have been here for more than a decade spreading the sound I love the most, helping grow our Hardstyle scene in the States and trying to inspire the next generation of artists, especially female artists, to join the Hardstyle family.”

“Lady Faith – Strike Gold” is now available to download on and all other platforms.

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