REBELLiON becomes a weekender: “Are you brave enough to join two days?” 

Raw Hardstyle music has been gaining immense popularity lately, and so has REBELLiON, the biggest Raw event in The Netherlands. Usually, fans can attend this event to witness the hottest artists of the darker side of Hardstyle, but this year they’re in for a surprise as REBiRTH Events have announced that the event will become a weekend event.

The event is famous for its mainstage, the REBELLiON stage, where the biggest Raw Hardstyle acts from around the world come to perform. Last year, Vertile, Warface, Rebelion, Rejecta, and many other raw hardstyle artists destroyed the stage with their performances. For Raw-lovers, missing out on this event is not an option.

But that’s not all – the Reborn Raw stage also features a wide variety of exclusive b2bs and live acts for everyone to enjoy. Last year, Unresolved, Adjuzt, Aversion, and many other favorite artists rocked the stage with their shows, leaving the audience craving for more. While the lineup is still a mystery for this year’s event, we can expect nothing less than greatness.

A full weekend of mass destruction

REBiRTH Events: “Last year, we took the next step in our uprising and grew our jungle tribe with several thousand people. Everything seemed fine, but we were wrong… Darkness slowly crept over them. As we searched for answers to this mystery, we discovered ancient ruins that spoke about an apocalyptic event happening only once every few hundred years. First, it brings nothing but darkness, followed by total chaos and ultimately causes a full weekend of mass destruction.  “

According to the ruins, the prophecy known as ‘THE ECLIPSE’ will take place on November 25 and 26, 2023. This new two-day weekend event will test the strength and endurance of even the toughest rebels. Are you brave enough to join two days of Raw Hardstyle madness?

  • ✦ Pre-registration starts on June 6th.
  • ✦ Loyal visitors should check their email for more information.


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