Name: Cristiano Giusberti

Date of birth: 19-12
Label: Dirty Workz

In 1992 Cristiano’s career as a DJ started in Italy. Known as Technoboy these days, he played in many clubs. Next to just playing music, he started to produce too and his talent didn’t stay unnoticed. In 1999 he achieved being known worldwide with a DJ Gius Remix. The DJ joined a label and eventually Technoboy was born after playing as DJ Gius for almost a decade. He played his first big gig in The Netherlands and made people love his Italian sound immediately, he was the headliner at every hardstyle event in the world. 



Technoboy released an uncountable amount of tracks like and one by one they are masterpieces, think of  “FYAH” and “Mellow”!


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