Since launching in 2009, has been at the forefront of providing a one-stop shop to cater all harder styles fans’ needs. From delivering up-to-the-minute releases to hosting merchandise from the industry’s leading acts, we have not only secured our spot as the leading outlet for harder styles music downloads, but have become a fully-fledged connecting point for fans, artists and record labels. In a short amount of time, was dubbed as much more than a download portal for music. Our forward-thinking organisation immediately sought out opportunities to grow and expand the harder styles movement by introducing exclusive merchandise lines, interactive charts and a comprehensive catalogue ranging across several genres.


Furthermore, we are proud to spread the wings and take part in collaborations with many eminent partners. Every Saturday, has teamed up with the colossal Dutch radio station SLAM! to bring a Hardstyle Top 30, which runs live at 20:00 CET. Moreover, has also been invited to host the Hardstyle area at the distinguished Dancefair conference in 2018, which will be home to various discussion panels. And last, but not least, also sports an alliance with large media outlet Partyscene, who publishes a weekly Top 10 in their magazine. is not confined to boundaries and the music and merchandise provided through the platform is a clear reflection of this mind-set. At we constantly strive to fulfil our vision to provide a professional and usable interface that connects harder styles fans from all over the globe with their favourite artists and record labels.


Our goals

The reason we exist is to satisfy the demand from both artists and customers for a top-quality, multi-functional platform where music, merchandise and more are updated by the minute! In a short amount of time, we proudly exceeded our original goal to provide a broad range of top-notch music and merchandise – and we continue to go above and beyond to bring cater for this high demand. With hundreds of record labels opting to release their music via, we proudly represent several genres and sub-genres that fall underneath the ‘Hard Dance’ umbrella. In terms of merchandise, we proudly stock a vast range of items from the industry’s leading acts and record labels.


Quality music makes a quality scene

We stand by our claim that quality dance music makes for a quality scene. This extends not only from the production of tracks, but the outlet where the public can purchase them. We specialise in digital media products in a variety of formats, however out main focus is providing music in the format of mp3 320KBPS and WAV (with each different format holding its pricing equivalent to the quality of audio). In addition to digital media, also serves as an information hub where artists and customers alike can stay up to date with the leading releases, collated in the form of a Top 100 chart. This chart is published and regularly updated on our website, so that artists and fans can follow the journey of certain songs.


Customer and quality care

Here at, we believe that fantastic customer service and top-quality products are of utmost importance. In conjunction with our clients, we never lose sight of the customer’s needs and this perfect balance allows us to create a unique service that is an industry first in the Harder Styles. for artists and label owners

As an artist or label owner, isn’t just a tool to utilise for releasing and sharing your music with the public – it is also a means for online media and marketing. On our interface, we have allowed for the creation and promotion of individual artist pages, which include an entire discography comprising of singles, mixes, albums and merchandise. Once an artist’s available catalogue is complete, they will receive a unique URL which can work as a one-stop shop for all music and merchandise available for that artist or label. This will be available to any customer or visitor to the website. As is optimised for all search engines, your music will always feature high-up in search rankings. With this sophisticated approach, we ensure that your music and brand name can reach different markets on a global scale. We have used our expertise to ensure that the process of searching for and purchasing a track is smooth from start to finish. This results in a well-refined and enjoyable experience for the customer, and in turn means higher revenue for your record label. You can place your trust in for delivering your (or your label’s) music in a presentable and appealing manner.


Please contact us if you have any questions, or are interested in releasing your music via our platform.

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