Adjuzt & The Purge premiere brand-new live act together with REBiRTH: “DREAMSCAPE”

Savage Squad Recordings artists Adjuzt and The Purge are taking their collaboration to the next level. Together with REBiRTH Events, they are about to present their biggest achievement so far: the premiere of their new mutual live act at their own event. We are sure that this 10-hour musical journey will give you sleepless nights of excitement.

We all know The Purge and Adjuzt for their signature sounds that have gained incredible popularity among fans within a short period of time. Those who have seen these boys performing together can clearly see the magical spark between the label members: which resulted in multiple collaborations, such as ‘PLANET CIRCUS’ and ‘Summer Secrets’. They have now dreamed up a next-level piece of teamwork, which will be premiered this year: DREAMSCAPE.

Adjuzt, The Purge, REBiRTH Events, and Savage Squad Recordings will bring a brand new and mind-blowing club show to Poppodium 013

REBiRTH and 013 have a great history regarding magical events. That’s why the first-ever DREAMSCAPE performance by Adjuzt and The Purge will be launched with a 10-hour event, including heaps of artists who are playing in two different areas. “The full line-up will be announced next Monday, the 17th of July, but we can already tell that you can expect insane live shows, unique battles, blasts from the past, and above all, a truly magical spectacle that you never wanted to wake up from.”

Adjuzt & The Purge present: DREAMSCAPE will take place on November 4, 2023. Since there’s a limited capacity, we advise you to pre-register to have access to the ticket shop 1 hour earlier. Dare to discover adventurous memoirs and fantasies!

  • Pre-registration is now open 
  • Ticket sale starts on Thursday, July 20 at 19:00 (1 hour early access for those who entered pre-registration)

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