Adrenalize presents new liveact Toxic: “Something more complex, fresh, & dangerous”

Adrenalize, known for his euphoric Hardstyle sounds, introduces the creation of a brand-new live act called Toxic, following a decade of success as Adrenalize. In this exclusive interview, Adrenalize opens up about the inspiration behind this new venture and what fans can expect from his new live act.

We all know Adrenalize for his signature sound that has gained immense popularity among the euphoric Hardstyle audience in recent years. He has achieved tremendous success with hits like “Get Up,” “All The Memories,” and “Epic Sax Song.” Last year, he celebrated his ten-year anniversary with his own event, “Ten Years Of Adrenalize.” After all his success, the artist believes it’s time for a new step in his career. Today, he announces his brand-new live act, “Toxic.”

Toxic as an expansion of Adrenalize

Adrenalize is widely recognized among his colleagues and within the scene for his modest and lively nature. Consequently, it may catch people off guard to witness his transformation when he fully embraces the persona of Toxic. But for Adrenalize this is not that big of a transformation; “Toxic is not a mask or persona that I have to display. Toxic is someone I discovered a long time ago and who has been brewing in the studio for a long time and has pushed the boundaries of the signature Adrenalize sound. This new live act intends to show another side of who I am as a person, and what I am capable of as a producer and performer. It is hereby not a farewell to Adrenalize as we know him whatsoever. Toxic is simply just an expansion of him.”

Unveiling Toxic  to the audience has been kept under wraps for quite some time.The artist explains, “Live acts are prevalent in our scene, but I believe they must come with a purpose and showcase different aspects you discover as an artist and producer. They allow us artists to compose a selective and unique track selection that purposely tells a story. In the end, Adrenalize is the foundation of this new live act. However, the edginess that Toxic brings will take the signature sound of Adrenalize to the next level without completely distancing myself from what I do best.”

Toxic enters the scene with an unabashed attitude. Adrenalize describes him as “an edgy, cocky, and more sarcastic persona compared to the gentler, lighter, and uplifting Adrenalize.” The melodic symphonies associated with Adrenalize undergo a transformation in the hands of Toxic, becoming something more complex, harder, poisonous, and dangerous. Fans can expect fresh edits of released Adrenalize songs as well as new edgy releases from Toxic.

Toxic gives freedom to push boundaries

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and exploring new creative territories can be a bold move. Adrenalize shares his motivation behind taking the next step, stating, “It was time for a new challenge, exploring my creativity and further upgrading my style. As a producer, you want to push boundaries, and Toxic gives me the outlet and freedom to do so.” Adrenalize considers Toxic to be part of his DNA, and he invites fans to stay tuned for the first official track of Toxic, which will be released leading up to Defqon 1.

Reflecting on the current state of the Hardstyle scene and its recent evolution, Adrenalize comments, “The raw hardstyle sound is our scene’s most dominant right now. Its popularity spiked after the pandemic and is significantly trending nowadays. But as we have seen before, trends in the music scene come and go. Throughout my ten years in the scene, I have said that I make music that appeals to me. I will always do whatever the f*uck I want when it comes to my own music. It’s where I feel good, and it has worked so far.“

Experience Toxic’s world premier at Defqon.1

You can experience the world premiere of Adrenalize’s new live act at Defqon.1! UV Stage, Saturday, 19.15 – 19.45, “which I am very honored to be able to do on the holy grounds. If you are not attending Defqon 1, Toxic will re-appear at Decibel outdoor Festival 2 months later. If you are already an Adrenalize fan, I am confident you will love it. If you aren’t, you should attend to be intoxicated by a new edgy contribution to the scene, and you may even become one!”

Keep an eye on Adrenalize’s socials for updates, “and thank you for all your love and support, it means the world to me!”

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