Bass Modulators returns to Scantraxx

At the end of 2022, Bass Modulators decided to split up and announced that only Rick would continue with the act. It remained unclear where he would pursue his career, until today. After a long journey through the Harder Styles scene, Bass Modulators returns to the label where he took his first significant steps as an artist – Scantraxx.

Bass Modulators (Rick Buijtenhek) rose to fame in the Hardstyle scene in the early 2010s, releasing hit after hit on Scantraxx. His unique sound and production style quickly earned him a loyal following and he became one of the most in-demand artists in the genre.

The act is known for its masterfully crafted blend of melodic tracks, which live in a world with incredible atmospheres, accompanied by powerful drive. Originally a duo, Bass Modulators chose to part ways in 2022, giving Rick a chance to reinvent the act. The time has come for a fresh start in a familiar environment with a cutting-edge and brand-new sound.

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Earlier, Bass Modulators had several hits at Scantraxx like Oxygen, Leave The World, I Want Your Love and has been with the label ’till 2017. After that, he joined the Spirit of Hardstyle crew and Art of Creation. Since he and Roland decided to split up a duo, it’s time to step up his game and move back to the Scantraxx Rootz! That means a new start, vision, and of course a lot of new Bass Modulators music.


2023 marks the start of a new chapter in the Bass Modulators story. Joining a label of old friends opens a world of new potential for the act. Bass Modulators’ first release after returning to Scantraxx will be Bass Squad feat. Alpha on February 9th. Get ready to experience the future of Bass Modulators – this is only the beginning! Pre-save ‘Bass Squad’ here.

We wish Bass Modulators a lot of luck with this big move in his career!


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