Headhunterz stops performing starting 2024

BREAKING: Headhunterz stops performing starting 2024

Headhunterz is about to take a new direction and has just revealed that he’ll stop touring and live performances in 2024. According to the statement, he’ll primarily focus on music production from next year on. “I’m going to stop performing.”

Willem Rebergen, better known as Headhunterz, will quit from doing shows and tours worldwide. The founder of the Art of Creation label will devote himself into the production of music: something in which he has built an immense reputation for himself over the years.

Headhunterz stops doing bookings as of 2024

The man behind legendary tracks such as ‘Dragonborn’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘From Within’ will perform for the very last time this year. Headhunterz is headlining the Q-dance stage of Mysteryland this weekend and he’ll perform on the mainstage of Into The Madness in Germany next week. After that, you can witness his final performance at Australia’s biggest harder styles festival ever: Knockout Outdoor. Besides that, Headhunterz will have on final event, where he will close off 2023 with a final show.

Headhunterz: “By all means, it’s not an end. It’s just a new chapter. But when I told this whole story to Joram, he rightfully told me that I should at least do something to not let this go by like it’s absolutely nothing because of course it is something and that’s why I will host an event. Not too big, just to have a night to give this a good closing. To celebrate everything that we can be proud of. Also with some of my dear colleagues and with some of you people that have supported me over the years. So I will give you more info about that soon.”

Regarding any new Headhunterz music: he’s coming with a brand-new EP, of which the first track will be released on the 15th of September.

One of the biggest legends in Hardstyle: Headhunterz

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