Demi Kanon presents live act & mini-album: “My goal is to take my act to the next level”

Demi Kanon is excited to announce his latest project, a mini-album entitled “Colors Of Light.” The album features six special solo tracks, each representing a different theme, with each color corresponding to a specific emotion. The album is accompanied by a brand new live-act, supported by visuals, edits, and new tracks from the album.

The artist is renowned for his recognisable sound that never fails to strike a chord with his audience. From hits like “Closer” and “How I Do It” in collaboration with Vertile, to gracing the Defqon.1 mainstage last year, the artist has achieved significant milestones in his career. And now, exciting news awaits as the DJ unveils plans for a brand-new live act and mini-album, promising more highlights to come.

A mini-album around a theme of colors

He shared his excitement about the project, “My goal was to take Demi Kanon to the next level, and after some consideration, I decided to create a mini-album around the theme of colors.” He went on to explain that the album is meant to represent different emotions, with each track corresponding to a different color. “Blue stands for emotion, so that track will be more sentimental, while yellow represents summer and will be a summerish, euphoric tune. And red will be a harder, darker track. And so on!”

Demi Kanon also shares that he created a visual mood board and designed six light orbs, each representing one of the album’s tracks, to enhance the experience. “The story is about Demi Kanon entering a labyrinth to find all the six orbs of light in order to leave the maze and release the mini album.”

Witness the premier of Colors Of Light at Rebirth Festival

The live-act is set to be a big premiere, featuring all six tracks from the album, along with sick edits to some of Demi Kanon’s existing tracks. The visuals for the live-act are all created out of the same environment, with the theme of Demi exploring the maze to find all the light orbs. “It will be a colorful show,” he promises.

Demi Kanon’s “Colors Of Light” show appearances will be at Rebirth Festival and Decibel outdoor. And also for some regular Demi Kanon shows you can catch him perform at festivals such as Defqon.1, Wish Outdoor, and Dreamfields this summer. He is excited about the project and what the future holds, saying, “I still have lots of goals, like playing in America or creating an anthem for a big festival, which I’ve never done before. Bring on the summer!”


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