Discover the location of the upcoming Gearbox event: “Pole Position”

We have some good news for all Rawstyle fans all over the world: Gearbox Digital, has unveiled new details about the theme, location & date of their upcoming event, following the success of their previous events: the sold-out Twin Turbo edition at AFAS Live Amsterdam and Route 666 at Vibes Eindhoven.

In a teaser shared on their socials, Gearbox Digital provided a glimpse into the theme selected for this year’s event. The teaser featured a Formula 1 car racing at exhilarating speeds, hinting at the chosen theme of Formula 1. The video concluded with a specific date, namely the 30th of December (Saturday), scheduled from 13:00 to 23:00, and the city of Amsterdam.

Will Gearbox return to AFAS Live?

One question that remains unanswered is the venue for this highly anticipated event. Will Gearbox Digital opt for the familiar surroundings of AFAS Live, or will they surprise their fans with a new location? While the announcement did not specify the venue, enthusiasts are encouraged to carefully analyze the teaser down low and speculate whether Gearbox Digital will return to AFAS Live this year.

To stay up to date with the latest news and secure exclusive pre-sale tickets, Gearbox Digital invites everyone to pre-register and check out the lineup on their official website at By registering, fans will gain access to early ticket sales and get a glimpse of the incredible lineup awaiting them at the upcoming event. The anticipation for “Pole Position,” the next Gearbox party, is reaching unprecedented levels, promising an unforgettable experience for raw style enthusiasts.

Missing any information? Go straight to their website.

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