Dual Damage share their remarkable story and discuss the future on PLAFONDDIENST

The duo from Schijndel, Thijs and Jesper, better known as Dual Damage, have captured all the attention this summer at every festival they were booked to perform. Following their exceptional performances at REBiRTH and Intents Festival, they were recently featured on the PLAFONDDIENST podcast. Here, they shared their unique journey into the Hardstyle scene for the first time.

From local favorites to festival headliners

Just a year ago, Thijs and Jesper were just playing for a small group of enthusiasts in their hometown of Schijndel. Now, the duo has become an integral part of almost every RAW Hardstyle Line-up.

The story behind their success

In the second episode of the Plafonddienst podcast (hosted by the minds behind Hard News &, the members of Dual Damage share their extensive story about their recent hype, the future, and their signature sound, the PVC kick.

Central to Dual Damage’s success is their unique use of the PVC kick—a special element that makes their music stand out. They explained how they came up with this sound, giving listeners a glimpse into the magic that makes their performances unforgettable.

Whether you’re a die-hard Hardstyle fan or simply love good music, the latest episode of Plafonddienst is a treasure trove of insight. Dive into their journey, celebrate their achievements, and get excited about what’s to come.

Curious about their story? Listen to or watch the new episode of Plafonddienst featuring Dual Damage below.

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