From setbacks to major success: “This was Hardstyle DNA in Norway”

Norway’s first-ever Hardstyle festival, Hardstyle DNA, recently united fans from across Scandinavia in the heart of Oslo on April 28th & 29th. Despite challenges, the event became quite a success. In this article, you read everything about the details of the setbacks, the dedication of the visitors, the organizers’ official statement, and more.

Hardstyle has been a prominent part of the music industry for many years. Yet, despite its widespread success with huge festivals, there are still some countries where the genre is yet to gain significant outdoor festivals where the fans can see their favorite Hardstyle DJs live on stage. One such country is Norway. However, that all changed last weekend, when Hardstyle DNA, Norway’s first Hardstyle festival, made its debut.

Major setbacks

The event’s organization has been building for months, with fans eagerly waiting to experience their favorite artists live. Unfortunately, the festival encountered a major setback as suppliers backed out at the last minute due to bad media coverage. The organizers were left with no choice but to improvise, and this led to a delay in the completion of the stage and other logistical issues.

Despite the initial disappointment, the organizers remained determined to make the event a success. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the festival would still be an enjoyable experience for all attendees. The VIP area may not have arrived, and the stage may not have been fully complete, but the passion and dedication of the organizers and fans alike were what really mattered.

Da Tweekaz: “We’ve followed the journey of Hardstyle DNA since the very beginning, and nothing makes us more proud to be Norwegian than what they accomplished last weekend!”

Spectacular performances

On Friday, the festival-goers arrived, and the atmosphere was good. It was clear that many of them had never experienced a Hardstyle festival before, and this only added to the excitement. The performances by Atmozfears, Da Tweekaz, Keltek, Sub Zero Project, and other notable artists were spectacular, and the attendees enjoyed every moment of it. The festival ended with a memorable end show after Sefa’s closing set, leaving the fans wanting more.

Photo Credits: Luisa Art

The following day, the organizers’ spirits were lifted, as the festival was met with sunny weather and enthusiastic crowds. The music from Adrenalize, Headhunterz, Rooler, Sound Rush, Primeshock, and other talented artists was incredible. Despite a brief rain shower, the fans remained resilient, and the festival only got better as it went on.

Primeshock: “Hardstyle DNA was (DN)Awesome! The Scandinavian crowd really knows how to party hard, and it’s so great to see the whole spectrum of Hardstyle being appreciated. Also, mad respect to the organization, pushing as hard as they did to make it a party to never forget despite some setbacks they’ve had!”

The memories made were priceless

Hardstyle DNA was an event that will undoubtedly go down in history as a triumph over adversity. Despite facing numerous challenges, the organizers created a festival that brought together the Hardstyle community in Norway like never before. The performances were exceptional, the energy was contagious, and the memories made were priceless.

Svane: “I had an amazing experience playing at the festival this weekend! The overall vibe was great and I have to give a special shoutout to the extremely dedicated Norwegian crowd – you guys were incredible! Playing at the festival was a heartfelt moment for me and I felt truly grateful for the opportunity. It was especially awesome to play after dark when the true quality of the festival was displayed. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me, it was a night I’ll never forget!”

Photo Credits: Hardstyle DNA

Hardstyle DNA was a festival that showcased the power of perseverance and dedication. The organizers’ ability to overcome setbacks and deliver an unforgettable experience is a testament to their passion for Hardstyle. It is events like this that will continue to push the boundaries of the Hardstyle scene, and we can’t wait to see what Hardstyle DNA has in store for us in the future.


I (Andri Papanicolas, Marketing Manager Hardstyle DNA) speak for the entire team of Hardstyle DNA when I say that this festival would never have been a success if it were not for the passionate people working behind the scene and our amazing crowd. This would never work if it were any other type of festival facing the same challenges.

We all share the same love for the music and we all knew we had to work tirelessly to make it to the end show.

We had many challenges prior to the festival, but what almost killed us happened a few days before opening. Due to a lot of negative media coverage about the location of Hardstyle DNA, many suppliers got cold feet and backed out or demanded payment upfront. Words can not describe how hard we had to work to pull through. This affected amongst many things, what the stage looked like and the fact that we failed to provide the elevated VIP section.

We are lucky. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive crowd. Our visitors saw how much we were struggling and they helped in the way they could: By making sure there was a true festival atmosphere!

After the festival, we have experienced so much positive feedback. We had people coming up to us in tears saying that they finally found their tribe. That is priceless! Our volunteers pumped beer for hours and did not complain once. We have not received many complaints on either noise, high volume, trash or disturbance.

The Hardstyle DNA team is so grateful to everyone who helped us. We want you to know that it is with you (our dear ravers) in mind, we managed to do this. The end show on Saturday was truly magical and we could all feel the love taking over the park. We have all started something huge in Norway. This is just the beginning.

Love, Hardstyle DNA

Photo Credits: Hardstyle DNA

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