REBELLiON 2023 anthem Rejecta Cryex MC Livid 'The Eclipse'

Join the REBELLiON: Rejecta, Cryex and MC Livid about their anthem

Delve into the shadows of the hardstyle scene as Rejecta, Cryex and MC Livid drop their highly-anticipated REBELLiON anthem. ‘The Eclipse,’ was released today and the reactions on social media are only positive. Join us for an exclusive interview where Rejecta, Cryex and MC Livid share the creative process and insights that brought this captivating and rebellious track to life.

The opportunity to design the anthem for a significant event is something to cherish. For Rejecta and Cryex, it feels like a great honor to be asked for the REBELLiON anthem. “REBELLiON is one of the biggest, if not the biggest raw indoor event of the year.”

This year, Rejecta and Cryex entered the studio together for the anthem. Not necessarily an obvious choice, because the two have never made a track together before. Despite this, the collaboration went very smoothly, according to Cryex. “We had a lot of contact and quickly noticed that we were on the same page regarding the vision for the anthem. I think it is a surprising combination, and certainly worth repeating.” Rejecta is on the same page. “The collaboration went very smoothly, and I definitely don’t rule out a sequel.” 

Of course, an anthem is not complete without catchy vocals. None other than MC Livid was called in for this. “We were comfortable with it from the start,” he says. “The theme for the track was very clear. In addition, we have been on stage together for years and we always have a good vibe there.”

“All ingredients for a great anthem are in this track”

According to Cryex, we hear both the sounds of himself and Rejecta in the anthem. “We put our sounds together in parts like the melody and the climaxes. During a collab, I always try to think along with the other artist’s vision, so you really get the two styles coming together and not just separate pieces that are stuck together.”

Rejecta and MC Livid both completely agree with this. “All three of us have a different creative spirit that we have combined into one track that, in my opinion, contains all the ingredients for a great anthem,” MC Livid explains. Rejecta couldn’t agree more. “I hope the audience feels the same way. I can’t wait to perform the song in our live set and see the crowd’s reaction.”

“You won’t find the atmosphere of REBELLiON anywhere else”

“REBELLiON really has a unique atmosphere that you won’t see anywhere else,” Cryex shares. “During our set on Saturday, Rejecta and I will do our best to mix the tracks together as well as possible. Expect a lot of drive, mashups, edits and atmospheric moments.”

While most artists are on stage for half an hour, or a maximum of an hour, it is up to MC Livid to put on a blast on the main stage both full days. “You can expect two days of non-stop energy not only from me, but also from the audience.” REBELLiON is the party for MC Livid where he feels completely at home on stage. “I know every DJ, I know almost every record from beginning to end. I can’t wait to enjoy the raw vibes on the extremely cool main stage for another full weekend. We are going to create beautiful moments, but above all enjoy the music. I’m ready, it’s our time to… LEAD THE REBELLION!”

Save the date: REBELLiON is set for November 25th and 26th, 2023, at The Dome in Haaren. On Saturday, Cryex and Rejecta will perform together on the impressive mainstage. On Sunday, there’s an exciting b2b set with Rejecta and B-Front scheduled, and Cryex will perform a solo set. Ticket sales are going fast – remember to visit the official event website for ticket purchases and additional information, and download the official REBELLiON anthem ‘The Eclipse’ now.

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