KAMI: ‘This year will definitely be our biggest yet’

KAMI, a Hardstyle trio from the United States who work hard to take their career as a Hardstyle act to the next level. Today they’re releasing their newest track ISRTTY and we talked to them about this release, found out more about the act, talked about how it is to work from the USA with The Netherlands, and much more.

Alex, Lucas, & Vinny are the trio behind the act KAMI. They all live in the USA, and are based out of California and Florida. They started making music under the KAMI project around 2016 after meeting each other through social media, where they then connected through our mutual love of the harder styles of music. ‘The actual term KAMI is often translated from Japanese origin as “God,” “lord,” or “deity,” but it also includes other forces of nature, both good and evil’.

That KAMI is making great progress in their career was quite evident in the past year. They played on stages like Wasteland, Project Z, and EDC. They released tracks like ‘Fire & Ice’, which was released on Ncrypta’s label Identity Records & was supported during his set at Supremacy last year, LEVEL UP & RAGE CAGE. They also made a 2k22 edit of ‘BE MY LOVER’, which the audience really liked.

‘We want our music to be an experience for people’

The boys tell us more about they want their music to affect people. Cause In the early stages of their project, when they were experimenting with other styles and genres, they wanted people to appreciate their diversity and uniqueness by blending different styles of dance music with hard dance. ‘As our sound has evolved, we wanted our music to be an experience for people. We take pride in the art of story-telling and want our music to bring every emotion that a song can bring to a listener, whether those emotions are fueled with rage, aggression, and adrenaline; passion, love, and euphoria, or all of the above.’

Working with a genre mostly active in the Netherlands while being based in the USA has been quite an experience, both challenging and rewarding for the boys. ‘The American Hard Dance scene is small, yet mighty, and has some of the most passionate fans in the world. One of the biggest challenges will always be competing with more popular genres of dance music like bass and house music, which are more mainstream. Despite the challenges, it’s extremely rewarding to be part of the growth and revolution in spreading this style of music throughout the dance music scene in America over the last few years.’

‘It’s been a goal of ours to create this idea for a long time’

Their newest track ISRTTY will be released today, which is by far their most emotional track to date, according to the trio. ‘We really wanted to focus on experimenting with trance, techno, as well as other futuristic sounds alongside our own style, and this track is the culmination of that. It’s a journey of power and energy with the yin and yang of driving drops fueled by euphoric melodies and uplifting vocals throughout the song. Many factors of inspiration went into the track, but the main element is the vocals which came from one of our favorite older dance tracks. It’s been our goal to create this idea for a long time, and when we had the opportunity to work with the insanely talented Diandra Faye, we knew this would be special.’ Get yourself a copy of ISRTTY here!

But, is the style of ISRTTY the style we can expect from KAMI in the near future? ‘Yes, and no. As KAMI we are known for creating more aggressive, high-energy tracks and we will always continue to deliver that to our listeners. With that said, we are excited about how songs like ISRTTY give us new inspiration to grow, and we can’t wait to see how we can further blend our HIGH OCTANE energy with more emotional and euphoric styles.’

For 2023, the boys have a lot in the works for this year and beyond. ‘Next month we perform at ‘Wasteland’ presented by Basscon, which is the biggest hard dance only festival in America each year. We have many new tracks and weapons to test out there for the first time live, so we are very excited for that. We have an official remix for Kayzo that is set to drop later this month, and we are currently working on a massive EP that we won’t say much more about just yet, but can guarantee that it will be quite the experience. With all of that, we also have some other big collabs on the horizon, and hopefully some more bookings, not only in the US but in Europe as well. All we can say is this year will definitely be our biggest yet and we’re so excited to see what’s in store for us and Hardstyle enthusiasts around the world!’

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