Krowdexx strike new path: new look & first album

These two masked Italians have been making their mark as two raw hardstyle masterminds for a while now. They are extremely driven and rock solid at producing. For Krowdexx it is time to show their creativity to the world with an album and a fresh new branding.

Krowdexx are entering  a new chapter of their careers with a new look and a new sound that will be showcased on a brand new album coming out in 2023. The album will contain 10 tracks in a new style, focused on dancefloor fillers and party vibes.

‘During the past years, we have had the opportunity to attend many partiesand festivals, which has really inspired us to produce the music that we really like and feel more natural with. Producing a darker rawer sound was a little more out of our comfort zone, so we are excited to work in a style that fits our taste more.’


The first track of the album “So Hot” is OUT NOW!, which gives you an insight into what you can expect from Krowdexx in 2023. ‘This is the first ever album for us and to make it even more special, we decided to redesign the Krowdexx look completely, making a more streetwear and coloured style that we think fits the style of music better!’


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