REBELLiON proudly presents the biggest RAW event of the year

REBELLiON is taking it to the next level. Never ever has a RAW Hardstyle event been this big before: with no less than 2 days, 60+ artists and more than 25.000 visitors. For Raw-lovers, missing out on this event is not an option.

The news that REBELLiON expanded to weekender was only the first sign of ambition that The Dome has in store for those who like it RAW. The notorious mainstage and dedicated REBORN RAW are now available for a full weekend of mass destruction: that’s why organization REBiRTH Events has unveiled the biggest line-up in the history of our tribe.

REBELLiON: “Over 60 RAW Hardstyle artists and more than 25000 visitors will join forces and face THE ECLIPSE! Enter two days of REBELLiON and experience all our REBEL leaders during the only RAW weekend festival of the year! We will ensure it’s going to be legendary from start to finish. 🥵

A full weekend with the best RAW Hardstyle acts in two areas

Now that the full line-up has been released, we think it’s safe to say that REBELLiON has put up their biggest and most heavy roster of DJs ever. If you’re a RAW fanatic, then you’re about to read a list of names that will get you excited for the only RAW weekender in the world.

‘THE ECLIPSE’ will take place on November 25 and 26, 2023. REBELLiON is always sold out, so act fast and go to for tickets and more information. Are you brave enough to join two days of Raw Hardstyle madness?



Adaro vs Level One // Adjuzt // Anderex vs Code Black // Aversion // Bassline Breaker LIVE // Cryex vs Rejecta LIVE // D-Sturb LIVE // FRAW vs Unresolved // Invector // Malice LIVE // Mutilator // N-Vitral vs Spitnoise LIVE // Rebelion // Sickmode // The Purge New Live Experience // Hosted by Livid


BMBERJCK vs Sparkz // Boray // Exproz // Imperatorz // Kenai // Kruelty // Manifest Destiny // Neroz pres. E.M.P. // Scarra // Thyron // Udex ‘Lightshield’ Album Showcase // Vexxed // Hosted by Flo



Act of Rage vs Killshot // Anderex & Mutilator pres. Neon Future // B-Front vs Rejecta // Bloodlust LIVE // Cryex // Deadly Guns vs Major Conspiracy LIVE // Deluzion pres. Paranoid // Dual Damage // E-Force LIVE // Krowdexx vs Mish // Regain // Rooler // 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗺𝗽𝘂𝗹𝘀𝗲 by The Second Dose – The Final Show // Hosted by Livid


Chapter V vs Repeller // Deezl vs So Juice pres. CyberGore LIVE // Element // Griever vs Omnya // Releazer // Resolute vs Spectre // Riot Shift // Uncaged pres. Cagefight // Unproven // Voidax // Hosted by Flo


Opening Show by: Gezellige Uptempo

Photo credits: REBELLION


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