REBiRTH joins forces with Sickmode & Rooler for THE GANG event

After the HUGE succes of the Italian masterminds Sickmode & Rooler, it is time for REBiRTH Events to join forces for a 10-hour daytime event hosted by THE GANG at the 013 Tilburg at November 5 – and it’s already possible to pre-register for the ticket-sale which will start this Friday!

Sickmode and Rooler are currently rising to the top with multiple successful hits like TOO COLD, CLUB BANGER, FIND YOU (WALK AWAY), and many more. These two are currently an integral part of the Hardstyle Top 40 and are driving audiences crazy with their performances. Their fan base is growing bigger and bigger with the success of the Raw sounds in combination with the disco sound.

Previously they performed with their legendary THE GANG act on stages such as Supremacy, REBiRTH Festival & Intents Festival which was a great success every time according to their fans – all reasons to organize their own THE GANG event in collaboration with Rebirth Events.

Disco workouts and crunchy kicks🥵

‘REBiRTH Events presents the maddest club show 013 has ever seen on November 5: this is WELCOME TO THE GANG! A 10-hour daytime event hosted by Rooler & Sickmode. Get ready for unlimited BANGERS with some of their closest friends and special acts, lovely scenes, disco workouts, and crunchy kicks all day long at this massive madhouse in Tilburg. ‘

‘Pre-register and get your tickets one hour before everyone else🤟🏼’

Witness Rooler & Sickmode aka THE GANG up close and personal on November 5. Only at 013, Tilburg. Pre-register yourself for the ticket sale that starts this Friday at 19:00 to get your tickets one hour before everyone else.


Be sure to keep an eye on REBiRTH’s socials to not miss any information about this event.


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