Rejecta presents his story behind The Keymaker

Last month, Rejecta presented his ‘The Keymaker’ project for the first time at Defqon.1, which was a great success according to his fans. But what exactly does it entail? We sat down with Rejecta (Wesley Joosten) to talk about this interesting project and the story behind ‘The Keymaker‘.

According to Rejecta, The Keymaker is a new project that will lead to his second album. In this project, all tracks will possess a certain key. All the keys will eventually be bundled into an entire album.

The story behind The Keymaker

The project starts when Rejecta wakes up in a room “my eyes open, it’s an unfamiliar space”. At that moment, his mind is flooded with a surge of questions. “Where am I? How did I get here? What happened? Am I alone?”.

He has a strange feeling that he’s not alone, that he’s being watched. “Scanning the environment around me, I cannot familiarise myself with any item in the room, except my own studio gear. I walk towards my studio equipment, holding onto this one thing I can draw reference to”.

At that moment, Rejecta sits down and gathers his bearings. He places his finger on a key and hit the note. “Suddenly, like a flash, I end up in my own studio. The urge to make music there is strong; I begin working in the studio for hours on end until a track is finished. There’s a sense of relief when I export the final product. But suddenly… I flash into the same unknown space”.

Every time he returns to the unknown space, he notices a visible key. After a couple of attempts, he slowly begins to figure out that each track he creates, seems to match with a key to a door. “The cycle is endless and I’m stuck. I don’t know how to get out of here, or if I ever will. All I can think about is making music and escaping this loophole”.

Some unique collabs are necessary to solve the story

There are already four tracks released from the project. Including ‘The Keymaker’ itself, which Wesley sees as the anthem of the entire album. In addition, ‘Set Myself Free’, ‘Homicide’ with Act of Rage, and ‘Gambling Zone’ with Restrained have already been released as the keys of the album. But, some more unique collabs are necessary to solve the Keymaker story. For now, it remains a secret with which artists these collaborations are, but make sure to keep an eye on Rejecta’s socials to see which artists will help him collect the keys to the album.

At the end of June, Rejecta premiered his project for the very first time at Defqon.1. The response to this showcase was overwhelming according to the artist. After this, there were a lot of questions from fans about this project, what does The Keymaker really mean? What we know is the above story, but how does the story end? When will Rejecta escape and have collected all his keys? This will remain unexplained for now… to be continued!

Did you miss the showcase at Defqon.1? Don’t worry! At Decibel Outdoor, Rejecta will perform his brand new live act again (Saturday, August 20) on the main stage. During this show, he will play more new music and there will be an extensive visuals show, something you should definitely not miss out on.


Let us know in the comments on Instagram how many keys Rejecta already has collected for the album and win an exclusive The Keymaker hoodie.


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