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Zatox releases album ‘Unstoppable’: “It was a journey of self-discovery”

Starting today, it’s possible to pre-order Zatox’s brand-new album ‘Unstoppable’. Explore the universe of Italian Hardstyle, featuring a fusion of his renowned tracks, new compositions, and thrilling remixes. This album is a must-listen experience for fans. We caught up with the hardstyle DJ to discuss his latest release. What vision was behind the album, and what makes it a typical Zatox album? 

Congrats with the new album! We’re beyond excited about this one. How did you experience creating it?

“Being a DJ is an incredible experience. There’s something profoundly rewarding about performing live and witnessing firsthand the impact music can have on people. It’s a dynamic exchange of energy, where I give through my music and receive an indescribable energy back from the crowd. However, my true passion lies in being a producer. The studio is more than just a workspace for me, it’s a sanctuary where I can escape into my own world.

Creating ‘Unstoppable’ was a journey of self-discovery. It involved delving deep into what elements in music truly resonate with me, what sounds ignite my passion, and what rhythms bring me joy. This album is a reflection of that exploration, a testament to the energy and joy I experience in the process of creation.”

Was there a certain vision you had in mind when creating this album?

“The guiding force behind ‘Unstoppable’ was this very title, which resonates deeply with my personal journey. “Unstoppable” embodies my life’s philosophy, showing a constant push forward in the face of challenges. My life has transformed significantly over the past decade and alongside my career, I’ve embraced fatherhood with two wonderful boys. Balancing family time with a relentless career pace reflects the essence of the title.”

Can you share some insights into the creative process behind the album?

“I always center my creative process on trying new things. I found myself increasingly drawn to the idea of blending techno, hard techno, and hardstyle, aiming to forge a unique sound. There are a few tracks on the album that particularly embody this fusion, showcasing a flavor that could hint at a new direction for my sound.”

What makes ‘Unstoppable’ a real Zatox album?

“It’s a real Zatox album because it shows my commitment to innovation and trying to be unique in the hardstyle genre. My focus has always been on diverging from certain trends and carving out a personal sound that sets me apart from other artists. It’s not just about experimenting with new sounds, it’s about staying true to myself and my artistic instincts. I believe that ‘Unstoppable’ represents the beginning of a new chapter in my musical journey.”

What made you decide to name this album ‘Unstoppable’?

“The album reflects the continuous momentum in my journey as both a dedicated father and DJ Zatox, but it also reflects a spirit of continual exploration and growth as a musician and as a human being.”

Is there a particular track that you are most proud of? 

“The tracks I’m most proud of on this album are ‘Techno Power’, ‘Apollo’, and ‘This Generation’. These tracks are particularly special to me because they represent a fusion of genres that I’ve been exploring. Moreover, these tracks remind me of my early days in the industry, starting back in 2003. I can’t believe that it’s been twenty years already. Working on these songs felt like revisiting my roots while simultaneously stepping into a new era. This blend of nostalgia and new beginnings makes these tracks stand out for me.”

A returning question which keeps everyone in our scene quite busy these days: what do you think about how Hardstyle music is right now and how it’s changing?

“Music, including Hardstyle, is always changing and that’s just a part of its nature. For me, the key is to keep experimenting because that’s what being an artist is all about. At the same time, it’s important to me that my fans can still relate to my music. The real challenge lies in evolving at a pace that resonates with your audience.”

What can we expect from Zatox in the near future? Any big plans?

“The completion of ‘Unstoppable’ has set me on a new and exciting path, one that I am eager to delve deeper into. Expect more of this ‘Techno Power’ from Zatox.”

‘Zatox – Unstoppable’ will be available for streaming at November 24th. Pre-ordering the cd starts now, only at

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