Mutilator reacts on his #1 spot: “Seeing the response is beyond my expectations”

Mutilator, also known as Bram Luyten, has had quite a year already. With a packed agenda and multiple highlights during the outdoor season, he achieved a new milestone last week. With already several rankings this year in the official Top 40 it was this August that he claimed the long-awaited #1 spot. spoke to Bram about this achievement.

1. Congratulations on securing the number one spot in the official Hardstyle charts with your track “Psychedelics”! How does it feel to achieve such a significant milestone in your career as a DJ and producer?

“First of all thank you so much!! It feels incredible to secure the top spot in August. There’s been a lot of hype on the track, but seeing the response is even beyond my expectations. It is just amazing!”

“Psychedelics” has clearly struck a chord with listeners, earning the top position on the charts. Can you share some insights into the creative process behind the track? What inspired you to create this particular piece of music?

“Actually, I’ve made “Psychedelics” for my set at REBiRTH Festival. I wanted to play something fresh with influences of the raw from 2016-2018. So the day before Rebirth I jumped in the studio and made this track in only a few hours. Still crazy to see how a track you finish in such a short time can become such a hit!”

3. As we’re halfway through this year, you as Mutilator have achieved quite a few milestones. Can you share any upcoming projects for the second half of 2023 and give us a sneak peek of what fans can look forward to?

“There will be a lot of exciting stuff coming up later this year. Some huge huge collaborations with artists I really look up to. Also rocking some major stages later this year.”

4. A returning question which keeps everyone in our scene quite busy these days. What do you think about how Hardstyle music is right now and how it’s changing? Also, how do you keep making your music better and more relevant during this change?

“In my opinion, I love how the scene is moving. The raw is taking over at the moment and some artists who are working their ass off in this subgenre are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I will just keep doing my thing, keep learning, and produce whatever I feel like producing. For now, it turns out pretty well I would say.”

5. Now that you’ve conquered the charts with “Psychedelics,” what can your fans and the industry expect from Mutilator in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’d like to hint at?

“Like I mentioned before, there are some sick ass collaborations in the planning, but we also got a special project planned for next year. In 2024 we’re really taking it to the next level…”

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