savage squad recordings savage era top 40 number 1 july 2023

Savage Squad Recordings about their #1 spot: “It has been an incredible journey so far”

The boys from Savage Squad Recordings are still over the moon with their latest achievement. The Purge, Adjuzt, Griever, Omnya and PL4Y combined forces for ‘SAVAGE ERA’ and their group track claimed the number 1 position of the Top 40 last month: “Thanks for keeping supporting our movement!”

1. Congratulations on becoming number #1 in the official Hardstyle Top 40 with your group track SAVAGE ERA! Can you describe how it feels to achieve this No.1 spot?

“Amazing! During our writer’s camp past March, we tried to create a track that perfectly combines all the sounds of the artists together in one track. It was a very savage week and to see our first group track get crowned as the number one track of July is a huge honour.”

2. What message would you (the artists) like to convey to the fans who have supported and helped to make it to this No.1 spot?

“Thank you so much for supporting the sound of where we want to stand for as a label. It has been an incredible journey so far, and this track has been a great conclusion of what has been happening until now. We’ve seen our movement growing and we can’t wait to show what we have in store next musically. Perhaps we should make a sequel to this one, since you guys love it so much, right!?”

3. With this year being halfway there already, there are quite the milestones checked off the board for the Savage Squad guys. Are there any other (individual) projects which fans can expect in the second half of 2024?

“Did somebody say juice? We are all working very hard to build our solo projects and try to capture the genre with the style we think could make a unique addition to our genre. From a label perspective, we are focussing a lot now on DREAMSCAPE, which is a brand new live act between The Purge and Adjuzt which will see its launch during their very own sold-out event in the 013 in November.”

“Next to that, Omnya will make his very first big LIVE-act appearance at the DREAMSCAPE event. We can assure you that we have a lot of new music coming up from our roster, including our brand new addition Sanctuary which just finished a sick remix for one of our artists.”

4. A question we ask a lot lately, but what are your thoughts on the current state of the Hardstyle Scene and its evolution in recent times? How do you make sure to keep pushing your music to the top?

“Hardstyle, or music in general, always evolves. We think that new and creative additions to this genre should always be welcomed, it’s a matter of personal taste to whether listen/visit this music or not. We respect all the colleagues around us that have their own signature as an artist/label and therefore we also stand for a certain signature. We think we have a roster with a lot of variety which actually tingles every side of the spectrum. Whether you like the funky music of The Purge, or the hard pounding drive of Griever, we think that quality music should always be first and that we have a quite good influence on what people like to listen to.”

5. With a sold out 013 and a number one hit in the chart you might say this is a fruitful year already for Savage Squad as a company. What’s the next objective for the label? Do you have any plans for future projects or collaborations?

“We think we’ve done great this year in many aspects, in terms of releases, gigs, signings and above all creating a platform where people feel connected to. We want to build out everything we have now and make sure that people are more connected with our music and artists than ever before. Our priority list is overflowing as we speak, but one of the main goals is to organize more events where you can catch our artists. What if we say that the next event is almost around the corner, who knows…”

Thanks for keeping supporting our movement, stay Savage!” 🦍

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