7 things you don’t want to miss at REBELLiON: “Darkness is growing as the eclipse is approaching”

REBELLiON is about to reach new heights. Never before has a RAW Hardstyle event been this massive, spanning two full days, featuring over 60 artists, and drawing in excess of 25,000 fans. The iconic mainstage and the dedicated REBORN RAW stage are now set for a full weekend. For all visitors, we’ve listed 7 things you can’t miss at REBELLiON.

1. The Impulse by The Second Dose – The Final Show

Rebelion’s last Overdose set, ‘The Impulse by The Second Dose – The Final Show,’ is scheduled for Sunday. The REBELLiON organization has given fans a sneak peek with an Instagram announcement, assuring an extraordinary 45-minute show featuring a dazzling light display, flames, and fireworks. Since REBELLiON is always celebrated for its mind-blowing show, you can brace yourself for a performance that will truly dazzle the crowd.

2. Thrilling live-acts from Bloodlust, Anderex & Mutilator and more

The Sunday of REBELLiON promises an electrifying experience with its lineup of live-acts. Bloodlust pres. The Assassination, Deluzion pres. Paranoid, and Anderex & Mutilator pres. Neon Future can all be found on the mainstage. These performances all deliver a mesmerizing blend of energy and musical artistry that sets the artists apart.

3. Surprising b2b sets

In addition to the many live sets, there are also a number of surprising b2b sets on the program. On Sunday you can attend sets from Act of Rage vs. Killshot, B-Front vs. Rejecta, Krowdexx vs. Mish, Chapter V vs. Repeller and Griever vs. Omnya.

4. Boiler Room Opening Show by Gezellige Uptempo

Join raw and uptempo enthusiasts on Sunday, where Gezellige Uptempo will kick off the event in a style uniquely their own. To witness this, be sure to arrive on time and experience the electrifying Boiler Room Opening Show. Remember, this special opening is exclusively for those holding weekend tickets.

Are you only planning to attend REBELLiON on Saturday? On Instagram, REBELLiON is singing praises about the exciting new Boiler Room addition for Saturday. “In addition to the huge line-up we already have on Saturday, we are adding a brand-new area to our jungle! The best talents will rise on our Boiler Room Stage. Make sure to visit this area filled with the best RAW artists of the future!”


In addition to the excellent mainstage lineup, the lineup of the second stage is also impressive. Here, you can find several live acts and b2b sets. We’re talking about Deezl vs. So Juice pres. Cybergore live, and Uncaged pres. Cagefight. They offer an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Furthermore, we’re 100% sure that artists like Riot Shift, Voidax, and Unproven will completely demolish the REBORN RAW.

6. D-Sturb’s Final Playground 06: Limitless

After delivering five memorable Playground shows, D-Sturb is set to wrap up his live-act series on Saturday with the grand finale, Final Playground 06: Limitless. Alongside this captivating performance, D-Sturb will be unveiling a brand-new track and putting on an unforgettable show.

7. Hardcore closing on both days

Are you looking for an event to end with the ultimate intensity? REBELLiON offers just that on both days, concluding with the fastest hardcore beats. On Saturday, N-Vitral vs. Spitnoise will take the stage for a high-energy finish, while on Sunday, Deadly Guns vs. Major Conspiracy will be in charge of completely tearing down the house.

Mark your calendars for REBELLiON, happening on November 25th and 26th, 2023, at The Dome in Haaren. Saturday tickets are 95% sold out, so see this message as your last wake-up call. Don’t forget to visit the official event website for tickets and more detailed information.

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