Dual Damage drops long-awaited single ‘Hiding’ on Scantraxx main label

The boys from Dual Damage (Thijs & Jesper) have become extremely popular lately, capturing the hearts of many people with their PVC kicks. In the last couple of months, the duo is achieving success after success. From a crowded performance at REBiRTH Festival to a Boombox booking at Intents Festival, which was changed to three bookings during the weekend festival. And now, their very first main label release on the legendary Scantraxx label.

For the boys of Dual Damage, it feels unreal that they, in a short amount of time, get to release on the main label of Scantraxx. Thijs says, “It feels like a dream. Scantraxx has a legendary status, and we feel very honored that we get to release our music there.” Jesper agrees, saying, “We were actually supposed to release on Scantraxx Carbon (the talent label of Scantraxx), until I suddenly got a call from someone at Scantraxx saying that the track would be released on BLACK (main label). Of course, I immediately said yes! It truly feels like an honor to be able to release on such a beautiful label in such a short time.”

A summer tune with heavy kicks

Today marks the release of Dual Damage’s highly-anticipated, “Hiding”! According to Jesper, there is a lot of hype surrounding the track, which naturally includes their popular PVC kicks. Thijs adds, “It’s a nice summer tune, so that naturally works well, and if it also has heavy kicks, it makes it the perfect summer track. I’m sure it is going to get a lot of playtime at a lot of festivals this summer!”

According to Scantraxx, their latest track “Hiding” is a testament to their versatility, “showcasing a blend of Raw energy and heavy kicks that is sure to captivate listeners. With “Hiding”, Dual Damage proves that they are a force to be reckoned with and that they have much more in store for their fans in the future.”

“Dual Damage – Hiding” is now ready for download on Make sure you catch their sets at Intents Festival this weekend to hear ‘Hiding’ pumping live through the speakers there! Stay tuned and follow our social media pages because we have something special in store for you. Get ready for an exclusive video interview with the talented boys themselves, scheduled to be released next Wednesday. Don’t miss out!

Banner credits: Rebirth Festival.

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