Into The Madness returns to Zülpich: “Germany’s biggest outdoor Hardstyle festival is back!”

Germany’s biggest Hardstyle festival of the year, Into The Madness, is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! After a spectacular debut last year, the festival is set to take place on September 2, 2023, at Seepark Zülpich, Germany, and this year, they’ve got some exciting surprises in store for you.

With 44 artists performing across 3 stages, including 6 massive back2back sets and 6 exclusive liveshows, “Into The Madness” promises an unforgettable experience. And if that’s not enough, they’re adding an additional Uptempo stage, a bigger RAW tent, a larger food court, and an extended beach hangout.

This festival is guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer

But that’s not all; the festival’s location at Seepark Zülpich, Germany, is simply breathtaking, and the backdrop is the perfect complement to the music and the wild atmosphere that Into The Madness promises.

So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, Into The Madness is definitely for you. With its unbeatable lineup, stunning location, huge lineup, this festival is guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer. Don’t miss out on Germany’s biggest outdoor festival of 2023 – get your tickets now and join the madness!



B-Front ‣ DJ Isaac ‣ Gunz For Hire (Baddest On The Block) ‣ Headhunterz 
Rebelion vs Warface ‣ Rooler ‣ Sickmode ‣ Sound Rush ‣ Sub Zero 
Project ‣ TESFY ‣ Vertile ‣ Hosted by Villain


Adjuzt (NXTGEN) ‣ Anderex ‣ Aversion (Live) ‣ Cryex vs Scarra vs Vasto 
(APEX Allstars) ‣ Deezl vs So Juice (Cybergore) ‣ Dual Damage ‣ Element 
vs Kruelty ‣ Exproz ‣ Imperatorz (IMPAKT) ‣ Mutilator ‣ Revelation vs 
Spectre vs Code Crime ‣ The Purge (TRIPPIN’) ‣ Unresolved ‣ Hosted by MC 


Abaddon vs Jur Terreur ‣ Barber ‣ Dr. Donk vs Dr. Z ‣ Juliëx – Lunakorpz 
Samynator ‣ Spitnoise ‣ Trespassed ‣ Hosted by MC No-ID


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