Level One proves bright future ahead with debut album: Reversed Reality

The talented Level One is on a roll: in just one year he moved up to the Scantraxx BLACK mainlabel while launching his Reversed Reality live-act. It resulted it a lot of music, including his remix of the iconic ‘Scantraxx Rootz’ for Headhunterz & Abject, and also collaborated with the biggest artists such as Adaro. But now it turns out that this was all part of a masterplan: his very first album. “I’ve never thought I could make it this far. So in the end, dreams DO come true!

Level One’s career is taking off at an insane pace and his upcoming album Reversed Reality confirms that as well. It’s a wide variety of excellently produced harder styles: it features collaborations with the topnotch DJs in the scene, such as Atmozfears, E-Force, Digital Punk, Never Surrender, longtime friend RVAGE, The Prophet, The Purge and many more! We sat down with the 26-years old Bas to talk about his biggest project so far.

1. With your first album Reversed Reality coming up: can you give us a sneak peek into the inspiration behind your new album? What themes or experiences have influenced the creation of this music?

Level One: “Well, the whole concept started with looking at myself as an artist but also as a person. I like to express myself without any boundaries. I have always produced varied songs in my career, as long as I could aim for the maximum quality. You can expect tracks with a more melodic touch, raw to the bone or even up to hardcore/uptempo. That’s what Reversed Reality is all about!”

2. Collaborations can often bring a unique dynamic to an album. Were there any special artists or producers you worked with on the Reversed Reality album?

Level One: “You can expect a lot of collabs on the album. I did collabs for example with Adaro, Atmozfears, Digital Punk, E-Force, Never Surrender, Nightcraft, RVAGE, The Prophet and The Purge.

A lot of different names for my debut album. But I really enjoyed every single collaboration with these legends. They’re all very talented and I’m happy that I was able to work with them and that they are a part of the album. As you can see it also fits the whole concept with Reversed Reality. From ‘Euphoric’ to ‘Hardcore’ there is quite a big difference in styles.

Also, I wanted to give ‘Level One’ a personal image. So we (Matthijs from DVTD management and I) came up with the Reversed Reality live-act. The optical illusions that are showcased in the visuals fit perfectly together with the whole experience of the album.”

3. Listeners often connect with certain tracks on a deeper level. Are there any specific songs on the album that hold particularly strong personal meaning to you?

Level One: “I think my solo track ‘Dreams Come True’ will be the one that has the most personal touch on the album. I don’t think I have to explain what it means…

For instance, last weekend I played at Decibel outdoor 3 times. I was invited by buddy Digital Punk to play on his 10 Years of Unleashed showcase, the live stage on Saturday with Reversed Reality live that was literally packed AF + announcing my album, playing on the infamous Mainstage on Sunday and even made it to the endshow with ‘Men Of Steel’ remix together with my bro Adaro.

This is what I’ve all dreamed about when I just started making music. I’ve never thought I could make it this far. So in the end, dreams DO come true!”

4. Every artist’s journey evolves with each new project. How would you say your sound has evolved during the Reversed Reality album compared to your previous work?

Level One: “I never thought I would do an album when I’m really honest with you all. But my own sound evolved last year and that motivated me so much. Before it took a really long time to finish one single track. Now I’ve got inspiration like never before!

After I finished the title track ‘Reversed Reality’ and a few other songs, I had the feeling that I really should do the album. With 18 tracks on the album I can safely say it succeeded.”

Level One’s debut album Reversed Reality will be out on Scantraxx at the end of October and will be both digitally and physically released. The physical CD will be available to pre-order on August 28 here on You can already pre-save the digital album right here.

Footage taken from Facebook page Level One

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