Mish & Krowdexx about becoming #1 in the Top 40: “We’re literally speechless!”

Mish and Krowdexx have reached a significant milestone in their careers as their latest track, “Time To Shine,” claimed the number one spot on the Hardstyle top 40 charts for February 2023. In an interview with the artists, they shared their thoughts on the success of their collab, the current state of the Hardstyle scene, and their plans for the future.

Mish expressed her joy and gratitude for the achievement, emphasizing how her fans’ support has been instrumental in making her career a success. “It sounds a bit cheesy and cliche but I really feel lucky to have such a dedicated fan base,” she said. Krowdexx added that they never expected to achieve this milestone and were “literally speechless.”

The artists attributed the success of “Time To Shine” to their unique blend of heavy kicks, catchy melodies, and Krowdexx’s signature ‘zaagkicks.’ According to Mish, the reaction of various crowds is a good indicator of a successful track. Krowdexx agreed, stating that memorable tracks require melody and vocal lines combined with heavy drops.


When asked about their thoughts on the current state of the Hardstyle scene and its evolution, Mish and Krowdexx observed that the genre is growing bigger every year. They noted that the scene is evolving to become ‘the harder, the better,’ with producers constantly looking for heavier kicks to make their tracks stand out. Despite the evolution, they believe that the Hardstyle scene remains one of the most dedicated genres.

Mish and Krowdexx are looking forward to collaborating in the future, with the latter sharing that they would “definitely like to work together again.” Mish revealed that she would be performing at several festivals this year, including Tomorrowland, Parookaville, and Rebirth, among others. Additionally, she and Sickmode are working on a new live act called “Rave Love,” which they describe as “really crazy.”

Finally, Krowdexx announced that they would be releasing their first-ever album titled “ICONS,” which would include “Time To Shine,” their collab with Sickmode, and many other unreleased tracks. Fans of Mish and Krowdexx can expect to hear more from these talented artists as they continue to push the boundaries in Hardstyle.


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