Radical Redemption about the launch of Redemption Records & Brutal X

Recently, Radical Redemption, also known as Joey van Ingen, made a big move in his career by launching his own record label, Redemption Records. Besides that, he also announced the release of Brutal X, under the label. The establishment of Redemption Records signifies a new chapter for the artist, as he ventures into uncharted territories and explores the vast possibilities that lie within the realm of music. We sat down with him to talk about this big move in his career.

Speaking about this milestone, Radical Redemption expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It feels great to be able to expand the brand, including a fresh record label, a new orchestra show, and a brand new album that is coming. With Redemption Records, we are working with a new team that will run things smoothly. It is really, really exciting to start new things, just like when I started with Radical Redemption in 2011. A lot of meetings, explaining your vision, and finding the right people that understand that vision. But when it all comes together, it feels like magic!”

Redemption Records aims to be a platform where music, rather than genre, takes the lead. Radical Redemption emphasized this point, saying, “I think a label should especially focus on music, not ‘what kind of music.’ Obviously, when you listen to my music, for example, the leading sound is Hard Dance, but there are also a lot of orchestral elements, drum parts, etcetera. Instead of advising people to only focus on Hard Dance, we, as Redemption Records, want to encourage the development of the producer as a whole. I don’t care if it is a band track, Drum ‘n Bass, Hardstyle, or a movie theme. When the music is good, it deserves a platform.”

The crown jewel of his Brutal saga

The upcoming release of Brutal X holds a special significance within Radical Redemption’s discography. Described as the crown jewel of his Brutal saga, this track encapsulates the essence of Radical Redemption’s unique sound. Talking about the creative process behind the track, Radical Redemption shared, “The Brutal saga wasn’t something planned, but something that just happened. At one point in time, I changed my way of creating a Brutal track. Back in the day, I would start in the studio with the intention to create a new Brutal. Now, I just feel when I’m working on something that could be a new Brutal. That’s why I am not releasing a Brutal every year anymore. I just wait until I’m working on something in the studio that gives me that Brutal feel.”

Joey, the mastermind behind Radical Redemption, emphasized the uniqueness of Brutal X. He explained, “So, I put references to all the previous Brutals in that track. The track has a lot of drive, a lot of different elements and drops, but still feels as one big tune. I put all my knowledge into this track. You’ll hear distorted sounds, orchestra parts, different kicks, big drums, sharp & crispy sounds, a big melody, and Nolz leading the way.”

Breaking boundaries through music is a core principle for Radical Redemption as the creator of Redemption Records. He firmly believes that music should always take the lead. “You can create an awesome act, but if the music isn’t working, that’s it. In the musical spectrum, there is so much more to explore. The Hard Dance world is a relatively small world, with a really dedicated following. By combining different styles, you try to break boundaries. Let more people enjoy the Hard Dance sound, but also let the Hard Dance audience enjoy the beauty of an orchestra. It works both ways,” he explained passionately.

An experience that cannot be explained but must be witnessed

According to Joey, the Hard Dance audience is always eager for something fresh and new. He emphasizes the importance of creating something that effectively sells this experience. He states, “I am not going to play my full orchestra tracks in a DJ-set; I’ve got special club-mixes for that, without all the orchestra parts.” Joey believes that the orchestra parts should only be played when he is on stage with the Orchestra of Eternity, as it provides a complete and magical experience that cannot be explained but must be witnessed.

Joey shares his perspective on record labels in shaping the evolution of music on stage. He believes that it all begins with a record label’s trust in artists to work on their music and artistry. He expresses his hope that this evolution will not only captivate their existing audience but also attract new audiences who may have never been exposed to Hard Dance before.

Creating this new platform has been a time-consuming process, and Joey stresses the importance of assembling the right team. He explains, “People that understand your vision, that know the music industry as a whole (and not only the Hard Dance scene), that are eager to build something new.” He acknowledges that this can be a challenging process, but emphasizes that effective communication is key. He believes in open dialogue about all aspects of the project, including uncertainties. Joey states, “This is the only way to make it work. People need to feel safe to say, ‘I think it is better to do it this way…’ because I don’t always know best.” He firmly believes that creating a safe environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas is crucial for fostering creativity and long-term success in the industry.

That’s just pure magic

With the recent launch of the new live show, ‘Radical Redemption & his Orchestra of Eternity,’ last month, Joey enthusiastically explains his plan to seamlessly integrate the performances from the live show into the releases on Redemption Records. He states, “the integration will be there musically. In May we had a big recording session with the orchestra. Because there is just nothing that sounds like the real thing. For the creative process it is great to be able to use sample libraries or virtual instruments. But recording musicians, recording their talent and putting that in the final track, is something that makes it come alive. See someone play the violin, playing those notes just the right way, after years and years of practice, that’s just pure magic. So you will hear way more real instruments and recordings in the releases. We are also documenting a lot right now, so you will be able to see what happens in the whole process.”

Next to that, he also wants to record a ‘Radical Redemption & his Orchestra of Eternity’ show in the future and just release that live-perfomance on an album. “But that is something for the future!”

It just gives me the real Radical Redemption feeling

Looking ahead, the artist has some big things in store for the future of Redemption Records. “Obviously I am working on my new album, planned to be released in the last part of 2023. So my full focus is on that. I have to say I can’t wait to get it out there. I’ve had so much fun in the studio, since working on my own label. It has been liberating, creatively challenging and just gives me the real Radical Redemption feeling. It is hard to explain, but I think you’ll understand when you hear the tracks.

About Redemption Records in general, “the most important thing for me is to use the first 6 months to see how everything is running. We are planning on releasing a lot of Radical Redemption music, so we will use that to test if everything is running smoothly. When I see everything is running smoothly, I want to begin the process of finding talented producers/artists to release on the label. Hear their story, their vision and see if it is the right fit.”

Besides that he’s not only focussing on music, “I am also here to educate. I want to talk with new talents about the business side, to advise and teach. This is the dawn of a new age, we need a fundamental change in the mindset of the (Hard Dance) industry.” Only that way we will truly break boundaries through music!

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