Regain continues Boiler Room concept after successful first edition

One month ago, Regain organized the first edition of the “This is Regain” Boiler Room event in Arnhem. After a successful first edition, he wants to continue the concept with another edition on the 28th of January: ‘This concept really puts emphasis on connecting with the crowd.’

For Regain, it was one of the greatest events he has ever played in his career. The reason for that is because of the pure connection with the crowd: ‘Normally when I play at the huge stages, it’s more difficult to connect with the people, because you’re so far away from them. This concept really brings back this connection with my fans.’

A few weeks ago, he released his new mini-album: Back to Square One which he showcased at his own event together with his first mini-album of this year Square One (that also got nominated in the Hardstyle Awards in the category: Best Album of this year). The insane reaction and the connection with the people who visited the event is clearly visible in the latest episode of his “This is Regain” show which covers 50 minutes of his album release set and is now available to watch on Youtube.

Like in the previous edition, you can expect the Regain sound, but also some of his older tracks. At the previous show he played a special “Point of No Return” mix covering his first album he released in 2017. So prepare for a line-up with surprising acts and some heavy additional acts. More of this will be revealed in the weeks towards the event.

Get you tickets for the 28th of January

The pre-sale of his new event has started and Episode 6 of “This is Regain” will take place on the 28th of January 2023 at Willemeen, Arnhem. The last edition was sold out, so be in time with the tickets if you are willing to participate. The limited tickets are available via the link below!



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