Sound Rush & KELTEK: ‘We share the same humor’

In 2020, we were graced with the release of “One of Us,” a collaboration track between Sound Rush and KELTEK. The song quickly became a dancefloor hit, with its recognisable melody and hard gated drop. A year later, the two artists have come together again to produce another track, “Kings & Queens.”

When asked about the motivation behind the collaboration, Sound Rush explained that the success of “One of Us” and their good working relationship led them to create a follow-up track. Similarly, KELTEK emphasized the ease with which they work together, given their friendship and shared humor.

While “Kings & Queens” follows a similar formula to its predecessor, with the same atmosphere and feeling, the artists note that the track’s lyrics are a bit lighter and more accessible to a broader audience. However, the hard kicks and catchy melody are still present, making it a true Hardstyle track.

A unique combination of both sounds

When asked about what sets this collaboration apart from others in Hardstyle, Sound Rush noted the song’s atmospheric quality, telling a story from beginning to end. KELTEK emphasized the unique combination of their sounds and their collaboration process, which balances professional work with easygoing conversation.

Looking ahead, both Sound Rush and KELTEK have exciting projects in the works. Sound Rush is working on a lot of songs for the festival season, including their side project with Atmozfears as 2a1. They plan to break their own record this year with the number of songs they release. KELTEK, on the other hand, is focusing on delivering new songs at every live act he does, with plans for another collaboration with Sound Rush in the future.

Overall, “Kings & Queens” is a successful follow-up collaboration between Sound Rush and KELTEK, bringing together their unique sounds and processes for a true Hardstyle track. Fans of the genre can look forward to even more exciting projects from these artists in the near future.


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