The history of ID&T: ‘Celebrate Life’

ID&T is a Dutch entertainment company that has been at the forefront of the electronic dance music (EDM) scene since the early 1990s. Founded in 1991 by three friends – Irfan van Ewijk, Duncan Stutterheim, and Theo Van Lelie – ID&T started as a small events company, hosting underground rave parties in the Netherlands. However, it quickly grew to become one of the most influential organizations in the world of EDM, renowned for its innovative and ground-breaking events.

The rise of ID&T to prominence began in the mid-1990s with the launch of its first major festival, Mysteryland. Held in the Netherlands, Mysteryland was one of the first festivals to combine different styles of EDM, including techno, trance, and house, and became a key event in the European dance music calendar. The success of Mysteryland set the stage for ID&T’s next big venture, the massive outdoor festival Sensation, which made its debut in 2000.

Sensation was a game-changer for the EDM scene, introducing a new level of production values and spectacle to the world of dance music. With its iconic white-clad crowds, elaborate stage designs, and spectacular light shows, Sensation quickly became one of the most famous and popular festivals in the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every year. In addition to its flagship events, ID&T also expanded its portfolio to include a range of other festivals and events, including the trance-focused event Innercity and the Hardstyle-focused event Qlimax.

Keeping the spirit of early rave parties alive

ID&T’s impact on the world of EDM cannot be overstated. The company’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and spectacle has inspired countless other festivals and events, and its success has helped to establish EDM as a mainstream genre. Despite its size and success, ID&T has remained true to its roots, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of dance music and keeping the spirit of its early rave parties alive.

Today, ID&T is part of the world’s largest live entertainment company, LiveStyle, but its influence on the world of EDM remains as strong as ever. With a roster of iconic events and a reputation for excellence, ID&T continues to be a leader in the world of dance music, inspiring new generations of fans and artists alike.


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