He surely left a mark on the Hardstyle scene. With his signature sound, Manuel Moscardo, aka The Purge made Hardstyle lovers go absolutely mental. Now the Italian releases his very first album: TRIPPIN’.

The Purge had his very first release in 2017. Since then, his sound has evolved a lot. With influences from different genres, hard-hitting kicks, and piercing screeches, Manuel quickly established his signature sound. Tracks like JaZzY, ENDGAME, or RIGHT NOW together with Sickmode reached hundreds of thousands of streams and catapulted the Italian high up in the Raw universe.

In 2020, Manuel founded Savage Squad Recordings. The label has had stunning releases and represents Adjuzt, Genox, and of course The Purge himself. In 2021, The Purge released his Digital World EP featuring two unique tracks but this year, it is time for a full-on album. “Expect dope new music, custom merchandise, unique NFT drops, and several exclusive LIVE experiences at major Dutch festivals.”, he announced on his socials. We got curious so we sat down with him to talk about TRIPPIN’.


  • Hey Manuel, how are you doing?
  • Hey guys, thanks for having me. I’m doing very good lately, especially because parties are back!
  • You just released your Digital World EP and now you announced a brand album, that’s awesome! Can you tell us a bit more about that?
  • I’m very happy how the Digital World E.P. went, the reactions and feedback I’ve got on both tracks were super positive. Last Tuesday I released the trailer of my very first album and I’m incredibly excited to release the first bits of music that are on that album. I would say to keep your eyes on my social media in the upcoming weeks because I will start with a bang!
  • How did you approach the production process of the album? Which song did you create first and which last, or all of them somewhat at the same time? 
  • Well, the productions started almost 2 years ago before the pandemic because the album was supposed to be showcased at Defqon.1 2020. I decided to continue to refine most of those tracks and also to continue to work on my sound design to implement in new tracks. Some of the tracks aren’t finished yet but I’m working hard to finish a sh*tload of new music for the festival season! Make sure to visit my sets during the festival season because I can assure you that experiencing my tracks in a live audience will be crazy!

I find it very dope to experiment with sound design, my goal is to strive for more diversity within this scene with a proper dose of Hard Dance vibe to bring some color to the dancefloors!

  • Can you tell us a bit more about the production process in general and the creative approach?
  • In my experience, the production process was- and still is the most difficult part of making my album. I’m a person that loves many types of music so my album will be filled with border crushing and cross-genre tracks which will show a full spectrum of my skills as a producer. I find it very dope to experiment with sound design, my goal is to strive for more diversity within this scene with a proper dose of Hard Dance vibe to bring some color to the dancefloors!
  • What track are you the proudest of? 
  • I won’t spoil too much about the tracks yet, I’d suggest ya’ll come to my sets in the upcoming months to experience it yourself, right?
  • Is there some special story behind the album that we should be aware of?
  • Get ready and buckle up! TRIPPIN’ will represent a colorful and spacey journey into a digital realm filled with all kinds of unique events. Within the trailer, I transformed into a 3D cartoon protagonist which will travel into different galaxies and will experience several adventurous journeys. One of those journeys is venturing into unknown planets which will resemble different festivals, one of them Defqon.1 Weekend Festival which basically will be the kick-off of an audiovisual LIVE experience. Don’t worry, it won’t be the only festival where I will premiere this audiovisual experience, so there are a lot more exciting things to announce. Also in between those festivals I will make sure to release tracks and unique content where all my listeners have an influence on. We are implementing co-creation content which means that my fans will partially decide how my journey will take shape! Expect the unexpected…
  • Last year you threw your amazing The Purge & Friends parties together with Phoenix, can we expect something like that also this year? 
  • Shoutout to Phoenix and the whole crew behind that organization to give me the opportunity to still work during the pandemic. During that period, I felt very privileged considering the whole situation. I can’t tell you that much for now regarding my own events but I’m focusing a lot on the album and I’m working a lot in the back to prepare the best LIVE experience for my visitors during my sets. It will be unlike anything else… 
  • What else can we expect from The Purge in 2022? 
  • Dedication and passion, crazy mind-bending solo releases and unique collaborations with (major) artists I’ve never worked with. Cool stuff like NFT drops, fan experiences, new custom merchandise and storytelling LIVE experiences which will take you into my TRIPPIN’ galaxies. I’m SO excited to show you all of this, I hope to see you guys around and I would like to thank for having me!


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