The Saints on putting their music to the next level: “A new evolved sound”

The Saints (Jules & Rick) stormed into the Hardstyle scene in 2022 and haven’t looked back. With performances on major festivals like Rebirth Festival, Decibel outdoor, Defqon.1, and a signing with Rough Recruits, this duo sets the pace for their career. Join us in this interview as we discuss The Saints’ journey in music, their latest track, “High On Life”, and their future plans.

The duo describe themselves as “an energetic duo in black and white, who’re trying to take the music scene to higher spheres with holy melodies and crazy kicks.” In the words of The Saints, “We try to deliver unforgettable sets only full of holy madness. Blending elements of uplifting sounds, crazy kicks, techno, house and hardstyle. We try our best to take listeners to a place of pure euphoria, and make them forget about the daily grind and escape their daily worries.”

Make everyone forget about the daily grind

Their debut year has been quite impressive, with performances at major festivals such as Rebirth Festival, Decibel Outdoor, and Defqon.1. The Saints feel grateful for the opportunity to share their music and energy with so many hardstyle lovers. “To start with an almost empty area and end up with a full area is the best feeling ever. We love to see so many fellow hardstyle fans going crazy together with us. Because for us that is where it’s all about: Make everyone forget about the daily grind and normal life and just do what we love the most.”

The duo is excited to see where this journey takes them. As The Saints put it, “To everyone who joined our sets so far, and listened to our music; thank you for your incredible support and for making our first year in the scene such a memorable one.”

High On Life

Today, they’re releasing their newest track ‘High On Life’ which is a true milestone for the boys. “For us, it’s a tribute to our journey in this scene, as we are living in our dream. And we also want to let others feel inspired and be ready to chase their own dreams. It’s the beginning of a new evolved The Saints sound.”

As The Saints describe it, this track is all about getting that euphoric feeling, and letting go of all worries. They wanted to create a track that has a classic hardstyle feeling blended with their own new modern sound. The artists spent a lot of time experimenting with different sounds and textures until they found the perfect combination that really brings this feeling for them. “In terms of how this track differs from our previous releases, we would say that it’s a lot more hands up and that euphoric hardstyle sound. At the same time, it’s still a part of our overall raw sound and kicks. Building up in euphoria and then going completely crazy in the drops.”

For this year, The Saints are working on lots of things. “We will bring some more tracks like High On Life and we will keep working hard to let more & more people enjoy the holy madness. A few nice collabs will also follow soon! And yes we are working on a live performance but that will take some more time. But we promise if we bring holy madness then it will be very very special.”


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