For over 20 years I have been graced with my favorite genre: hardstyle. Over the years, hundreds of artists have come and go. But there are some, some who have made our scene great. Some artists have created tracks that have made history in the world of hardstyle. These artists can call themselves legends.


Headhunterz, who doesn’t know him? This legend has been around for over 15 years and I can say that he has made a big impact in our scene. With tracks like ‘Headhunterz – Scrap Attack’ & ‘Headhunterz – Rock Civilization’ he once made a mark in the catalog of hardstyle and I will be able to shout those tracks along forever. After being away from hardstyle for a while, he is back at the top. I hope to be able to enjoy his music for a long time to come.

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Noisecontrollers started out as a duo act and had broken through with the In Qontrol anthem ‘Noisecontrollers – CTRL. ALT. DELETE’. This master hit was followed up by another master hit in collaboration with Headhunterz and Wildstylez ‘Worlds Of Madness’. With this hit, the men made themselves indispensable in the scene. At the end of 2013, they decided to split and Bas continued on his own as Noisecontrollers. After that, many good tracks followed.

An old hand in the business, but to this day he still makes masterpieces if you ask me. His last (single) release ‘They Pretend’ was really on repeat with me!

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The Prophet, what a legend! Also nicknamed as the godfather of hardstyle. Not only did he contribute to the foundation of hardstyle, but he is also the founder of one of the biggest labels within the hardstyle scene called Scantraxx, and the big boss of our own platform: For me personally he is a super legend. His music has also made history. Tracks like ‘One Moment’ and ‘Louder’ will stay in our memories forever. But also one of his newer songs like ‘Wanna Play’ is a HIT. He even has almost 20 million streams on Spotify, holy sh*!

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These gentlemen have also been around for quite some time. They made their debut in 2005 and were signed to the Scantraxx record label in 2008, where they are still releasing their music steadily. With hits like ‘Music Made Addict’ & ‘Sound Of The Thunder’ they know how to write their history within hardstyle and make themselves unforgettable as a hardstyle duo. They too have been out of hardstyle for a while, but have been back for a few years now and are once again at the top of hardstyle. They are currently releasing the track of the ‘Enter Your Mind’ album and I can’t wait for it to be fully released!

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But Wildstylez can’t be left behind either. What a lot of good music he has brought to our scene. Do you remember the collab ‘Lose My Mind’ he did together with Brennan Heart? “Back off, back off, and let me lose my mind!” This was one of the very first hardstyle tracks I listened to, so, this track brings back a lot of great memories. Besides the golden classics he has to his name, he also made the sick‘Temple Of Light’ Qlimax anthem in 2017. What a track that was! But also his latest track ‘Sanctuary‘ is again so qualitatively made. Wildstylez is an absolute legend!

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And then, Brennan Heart. Where shall I start? This legend has so many great tracks to his name including ‘Imaginairy’ and for example The Intents Anthem of 2012 ‘We Can Escape’ . Besides just Brennan Heart, this legend also has an alias under his name: Blademasterz. Blademasterz has also provided many good hardstyle classics that are unbreakable in the history of hardstyle. ‘One Blade’ is one of them. This track is one of my all-time favorite hardstyle classics and is therefore very often on repeat with me. This man has also set up his own label alongside dozens of unforgettable hits: I AM HARDSTYLE, which is super successful. I think we all agree that this man is indispensable within the hardstyle scene.

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I definitely think Ran-D should not be missing from a list of hardstyle legends. This man has quite a few hits to his name that have generated millions of streams. He was responsible for the 2015 Defqon.1 anthem ‘No Guts No Glory’ and scored a number 1 spot in the 2018 hardstyle top 100 with his track ‘Hurricane’! Besides his act itself, he is also 1/2 of the act ‘Gunz For Hire’, did you guys know this? With this act he also managed to score numerous hits, do you guys remember ‘Kings Of The Underground’? What a track that was.

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This DJ duo has also been around for a while and can definitely call themselves legends. They were responsible for the Defqon.1 anthem, in 2017. ‘Victory Forever’ they had created and what an anthem it was. These guys also score hit after hit, think of tracks like ‘Renegades‘ with Bass Chaserz & ‘Wolpack’ with Tartaros. Who doesn’t scream along when these are played at a party? These guys know how to bring life to the party and they always do it well. During Defqon.1 at Home 2021 they played another great set, I loved it. Frequencerz, you guys are legends!

Check the full catalog of Frequencerz here.


And then… B-Front. This man is recognizable by his completely own sound. He has also been around for quite a few years and to me is certainly indispensable within hardstyle. With classics such as ‘Mysterias’ & ‘Magic’ with Frontliner, he makes the audience smile every time. But also with newer tracks like ‘Elektronic Symphony’ with Adrenalize he scored a big hit. This DJ is a legend and let’s hope for many more years of B-Front music!

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Last but not least: DJ Isaac. I think this DJ might have been around the longest in our scene. He already broke through in 1995 (!) with his hardcore track ‘Bad Dreams’ after which many hardstyle tracks followed. I think we all know ‘Face Down Ass Up’, who didn’t grow up with it? Nowadays, DJ Isaac is still releasing hits. One of my favorite tracks of him is ‘Find Me’ with Sound Rush, what a great summery record. Also ‘Harder State Of Mind’ together with D-Block & S-te-Fan is really a master hit. DJ Isaac, you too are indispensable in the hardstyle scene. Legend!

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There are, of course, many more artists who are absolutely legends. Who do you think is missing from this list? Let me know via our socials, maybe I’ll make another 2.0 legends article!

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