In the world of hardstyle, many hardstyle producers have been added to the scene over the years to make hardstyle great. In this scene, many artists started as talents and managed to become main artists within hardstyle. Every year, there are more talented hardstyle DJs, so now there are plenty of talents that you should definitely keep an eye on. I made a list of talents that deserve a stage, do you know them all?


I’m not sure if I can call this guy a talent yet but I definitely think he shouldn’t be missing from a list of talented up-and-coming artists. Vertile is incredibly talented. He makes his own creative raw-hardstyle, he can sing, he has put together his own livestream, many main artists want to work with him and he even scored a #1 hit with ‘Adaro & Vertile – Walk With Me’. Sooo, you better ask: what can’t Vertile do? Currently, he is releasing his music on the label: ‘Nightbreed Records’, and believe me: we are going to see a lot of this sick talent!

Want to see it for yourself? He has put together this live stream on his own (holy sh**)

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Aversion is also definitely a talent that should not be missing from this list. This raw-hardstyle producer has been working on his way as a full-fledged hardstyle artist for a while now. He has even been on line-ups such as Defqon.1, Supersized Kingsday, Loudness AND has even organized his own sold-out Aversion event in his hometown (Aalsmeer). Currently he’s signed to the Theracords label and we think we’re going to see a lot more of this upcoming artist. So, brace yourself for Aversion in the years to come!

Aversion presents ESSENTIALS 2020 LIVE SHOW

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And then there’s Serzo. This young man is signed as an artist with Dirty Workz and has managed to box his way up to full artist with the label. Serzo is from Norway and that makes him the fourth Norwegian signed to DWX! His producer skills are top notch and I am sure we will be hearing a lot from him in the near future.

Serzo – Force (Official Video)

Also available for download via this link.


Deluzion, a raw-hardstyle duo who are working hard on their career as hardstyle DJs. They have participated in many dj contests in the past and have won them all. This was the beginning of their career as a duo and nowadays they are steady on the sub-label of Scantraxx: Scantraxx Carbon. The duo already got represented on some huge events as Defqon.1, Intents Festival, Supersized Kingsday, The Qontinent, and many more. I definitely see potential in these guys and I may yet see them moving to the (Scantraxx) main label in the coming years. Want to read more about their latest release & career? I did an interview with them: DELUZION ABOUT THEIR NEW RELEASE ‘OUTTA HERE

Deluzion at Scantraxx: The Next Generation (Official Livestream Video)

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After years in the shadows working on his producer skills. Last month it was time for him to let the world hear his music. A-RIZE has only just been signed to Art of Creation’s new talent label: Eternity and has been able to show everyone what he can do. None other than Headhunterz played his track ‘Faith Of The Saint’ at Defqon.1 at Home and everyone was shocked of his ability, at least I think it is an Art of Creation worthy track. I hope to see a lot more from this talent.

Headhunterz at Defqon.1 at Home playing: ‘Arize – Faith Of The Saint’

Keep an eye on our socials to see the first releases of A-RIZE.


Envine presents himself as a hardstyle DJ who incorporates a combination of melodies and hard kicks into his tracks: “Everything from the structure, to majestic melodies and hard kicks had him head over heels and feeling motivated to unleash his own creativity into the genre”. The young producer is signed to the Scantraxx Silver sublabel and has released several well-produced tracks there over the years. Envine’s ‘Music Of The Mind’ has even reached over 3 million streams on Spotify. If you ask me, this really is a DJ to watch out for, I’m very curious about the future of Envine!

Envine at Scantraxx: The Next Generation (will be premiered at 19:00 21-07)

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If you ask me, Cryex is also doing super well. He recently scored very well with his remix of ‘Adaro and Crypsis – Legs In The Air (Cryex Remix)’, which earned him a spot in the top 5 of Well done Cryex! He is also working hard as a DJ and has even played on line-ups such as Decibel outdoor, Supersized Kingsday, Live For This and many more. Let’s see what the future holds for Cryex.

Adaro & Crypsis – Legs In The Air (Cryex Remix)

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D-Charged is also one that I think has a lot to offer for the future. He is signed from Scantraxx Silver and has released tracks there like ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Streetlights’. If you ask me he has a lot of talent as a hardstyle producer and I see that getting even better in the years to come. I think I will see a lot more of this DJ, so let’s wait and see what the future brings us and D-Charged!

D-Charged – Unlimited (Official Audio)

Check the full catalog of D-Charged here.


Genox has also been around for a while in our scene. He’s been doing really well on the music scene lately, D-Sturb played his track ‘Genox – Warrior’ at Defqon.1 at Home and I saw he’s working on a collaboration with Delete. If you like it a bit harder in the raw-hardstyle area, I would definitely keep an eye on him! I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more Genox music.

Genox – WARRIOR (Official Videoclip)

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I think we all know Voidax by now from his TikTok video where he imitates ‘The Prophet – Wanna Play’. This video went completely viral, even worldwide! As a producer he’s also doing super well, he’s even standing in the BLUE at Defqon.1 2022 next year. Currently he’s based at Rough Recruits and I’m curious what the future will bring him, I think we’re going to see a lot more of him in the near future!

Voidax – World On Fire

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There are, of course, many more artists who are going super nice, but this list is definitely interesting to keep an eye on. Which artists should I keep an eye on? Let me know via our socials!

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