A love letter to the Hardstyle scene

Let’s celebrate valentines day with a love letter from us (the scene) to Hardstyle! The letter is supposed to be a tribute to the power of the music, which inspires and unites people. It describes our dedication to the music, the community, and the scene’s energy.

Dear Hardstyle,

As we sit down and write this love letter, we’re filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. You’ve been a constant presence in our lives, bringing us joy, energy, and a sense of belonging that we’ve found nowhere else.

From the moment we first heard your pulsing basslines and soaring melodies, we knew that we had stumbled upon something special. Your beats have carried us through some of the darkest moments of our lives, and have lifted us up to the highest peaks of euphoria. Your energy is infectious, and every time we step into one a Hardstyle event, we feel like of being part of something.

But it’s not just your sound that we love – it’s the community that you’ve created. We’ve met some of the most incredible people through you, people who share our love for Hardstyle and who have become some of my closest friends. We’re constantly in awe of the way you bring people together, breaking down barriers and creating a space where everyone is welcome.

Thank you for always pushing boundaries, for evolving and growing while still staying true to your roots. 

With our hearts,

All the Hardstyle fans.



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