After 7 years, this DJ ends his Hardstyle career.


In recent months Requiem (Boray Kocoz) has had a lot of time to himself, and has concluded that he is ready for a new step in his life. He has officially brought out that he is quitting under the alias Requiem. In a video posted on his socials, he is candid about his decision to quit as Requiem. “I want to thank everyone who helped me realize this dream, everyone who started this journey with me.”

After a career spanning about 7 years, it’s time for Requiem to take another step. In 2014, he began his career as a hardstyle producer. Since then, he has had major stages to his name. Think about: Defqon.1, Intents Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Hard bass, Reverze, and even Tomorrowland. Yet Boray has made the choice to leave his career as a hardstyle DJ behind and is ready for something new.

He posted a video on his socials explaining how he came to this decision:

“Dear followers,

Starting in 2014, I embarked on my adventure with Requiem and can look back on an amazing time full of highlights and memories. I am extremely grateful for all the sweet, beautiful, and inspiring people I have met during this journey.

What started as a dream for me in the second room of Lucky Rijssen, has become reality. I have had bookings all over the world: from Europe to South America, Chile, Mexico to Australia. Like Defqon.1, Intents Festival, Decibel, closing Hard Bass in the GelreDome and Belgian top acts like Reverze and Tomorrowland.

Last year and months I have a lot of time for myself and I came to the conclusion that I am ready for a new step in my life and I really want to walk this path.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me realize this dream, everyone who has started this journey with me.

I hope you all make the most of it! I am confident that better times will come.

I will see you soon. Take care!”

On his socials, he is getting a lot of support and positive feedback from his fans who wish him all the luck in his future career. We want to wish Boray all the success and happiness in the continuation of his career.

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