On the 13th of May 2022 Adrenalize is hosting his own 10 Years of Adrenalize Event at PKHS Tilburg! A night that is dedicated to the hard work and passion that Malthe has been providing us throughout the years. Together with his closest colleagues in the scene, the night is bound to be one hell of a party in a personal and close setting. We sat down with him about the past 10 years, his own event and much more.

His tracks have taken him worldwide but who is the person behind the artist? At the age of 25 and 10 years in the business we wanted to get to know Malthe a bit better. We do so by diving into the history of Adrenalize until now and looking into what the future holds for the Danish DJ.

Let’s start at the beginning. At the age of 12, Malthe discovered the genre of Hardstyle from his childhood bedroom in Denmark. In front of the computer, while playing Counter Strike after school, a hardstyle track started playing from the game’s voice chat. This track was Showtek – Colours of the Harder Styles. “After that, a family member also introduced me to these (now old) videos from Qlimax and Sensation Black. From there I just started discovering more and more songs and artists, getting educated in the whole universe of hardstyle. Literally got obsessed! The genre has been part of my life since then!”


The past decade Malthe has grown into the artist and person he is today. But with big dreams come big decisions, and for Malthe these came at a very young age. “I think one of the hardest choices for me was to move to The Netherlands. Moving away from your parents or family to a different home is already a big step but moving to a different country is really something else. Terrifying and exciting at the same time. But I will never regret that decision because it turned out amazing! It has made me grow so much as a person.” Malthe says.

With the move to the Netherlands Malthe was able to stay present in the scene and grow as a producer and artist. The result are melodic masterpieces that has impacted a lot of his growing fanbase. “I have had so many people come up to me or message me how some of my songs changed their lives or helped them get through a really dark period.”

What he finds unique about Hardstyle is the special feeling and unique bonding that the community offers. He describes this in a funny, yet very relatable way: “If two strangers meet each other and they’re both into hardstyle, it’s almost like putting two dogs in a room and they will start sniffing each other, run around in circles, and get really excited haha.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


The described excitement can be found in the sound of his tracks throughout the years. He marked his spot at the top with tracks like ‘All the Memories’ and ‘Wherever the Light Ends’. “I gotta say I love all my songs, some maybe more than others.” Malthe says. But my absolute personal favorite is ‘For You’. I think it represents my sound and taste really well from start to finish of the song.”

The past 10 years has brought on many milestones. The very first performance as Adrenalize at Headhunterz’ event in the Ziggo Dome is quite an insane start as he recalls. “Signing with Scantraxx was also a big dream for me back when I started producing music. Playing shows all around the globe is something I never imagined that I would be doing. Places like the USA, Australia, Japan, Chile, all around Europe. I mean… How crazy is that? haha.”

“It’s always been on my bucket list to do something like that!”

Also, his own event – 10 Years of Adrenalize is something he is really looking forward to. “It’s always been on my bucket list to do something like that!”


Let’s look ahead to the event on the 13th of May. As mentioned, Malthe will be celebrating 10 Years of Adrenalize at PKHS Tilburg. We asked him what we can expect from this event.

“You can expect a night full of good company, amazing artists, pretty much filling out the whole spectrum of the genre, brand new music as well as old music you maybe haven’t heard in ages. Probably a drink or two throughout the night haha.” Malthe says.


So, it will be a fun and positive night. I mean, we’re celebrating my 10 years anniversary! Doesn’t really happen every day. I have invited some of my closest friends and colleagues in the hardstyle scene. The night will provide a lot of madness and chaos (the good kind) on stage. I hope to see you all there!”

Now that you got to know Malthe a little bit better, you might want to join his 10 Years Celebration in PKHS Tilburg on the 13th of May! Well, we got you covered, tickets are still available., and you can find  your tickets for the event right here for only €10,- (excl. fees).


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