D-Sturb reveals massive new project: Welcome To My Playground

D-Sturb (Jorrit Popkema), one of the most influential names in the harder styles of dance music, announces his new project, “Welcome to my Playground”. This announcement comes as the sequel to his previous project, “The Next Level”.

The new project will consist of six unique shows, or “playgrounds”, each of which will be based on a specific theme: Impact, Flow, Disruption, Story, Momentum, and Limitless. D-Sturb has stated that it will be up to him to push the boundaries within each theme and create a unique atmosphere that will translate into a new track. The premiere of each new track will be at its respective show.


To make the experience even more special, D-Sturb has revealed that each playground will come with its own limited edition merchandise. This will add an extra level of exclusivity to the shows and give fans a chance to commemorate their experience.

The new project will also feature entirely new visuals and a new show format that promises to be unlike anything seen before. With D-Sturb’s reputation for delivering a high-energy performance, fans can expect nothing less than an unforgettable experience.

D-Sturb’s previous project, “The Next Level”, was a massive success according to the audience. With “Welcome to my Playground”, he is poised to take his performance to the next level and give fans an even more immersive experience.

The first playground, “Impact”, will take place on a yet-to-be-announced date. Fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of the venue, which is set to take place on Monday, February 20. For more information, follow D-Sturb on Instagram & Facebook.


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