Deluzion, a raw-hardstyle duo who are working hard to build a great career in the hardstyle scene. Behind the scenes, they are working on new branding and especially: a lot of new music. Today they release a new track: ‘Outta Here’ and I am very curious about the creative process behind this track so I spoke with the boys about it!

Boys, how are you guys doing? Yeah, thanks for asking. We’re doing great despite all the things with corona. We had our first booking after 1,5 years and that was AMAZING. It gave us exactly the energy we needed at that moment. In that 1,5 year you don’t know that well how people react on your music but that was insane. We were shocked.

We’ve heard that you guys have been working hard behind the scenes. Can you tell us more about this? We are working hard in the studio that is right we are currently working on a lot of new music that we will bring you in a ‘special’ way. What that is going to be we can’t say yet. But besides that we are working on a lot of new edits, collabs are planned, working with Scantraxx. Everything to bring a new and fresh set on the dancefloors!

‘Outta Here’ will be released today. Is there anything interesting for us to know about the creative process behind the track? This track took a lot of time. Max was really convinced this track was going to be a banger. But it didn’t feel right for a long time. The pieces didn’t fall into place for a while. But suddenly it did and we think it worked out really good and really hard. So, all the credits to max for his consistency.

Why ‘Outta Here’? The track is in the breaks not a very different track than people are used froms we think. The vocals are telling you to go ‘Outta Here’ but you don’t know why. If you hear it for the very first time you don’t expect that climax. We think you get blown away because of it’s drive in the screeches and freaking hard kicks, so go outta here if you can’t handle it!

What makes ‘Outta Here’ different from your previous tracks? As we told you we are busy in the studio and working hard on new kicks that we like and that really stand out. With ‘Outta here’ you can get a first taste of where this is going with Deluzion. We want to see the dirty bassfaces on the dancefloor together with sing a long melodies.

You guys played the track earlier during the Scantraxx Livestream, did you receive a lot of positive reactions? We did. It was just insane how many people respond to that track. A lot of messages in our inbox but also great reactions on the big raw fora online. It really exploded.

Scantraxx presents: The Next Generation

What does the future of Deluzion look like? We’re proud that we are making steps and that we are growing. Werre developing our sound and working harder and harder in the studio to bring new music to the people, and what the result of that is… keep an eye on us!

If it were up to me, I would definitely keep an eye on these two boys because they are doing super good. I hope to watch them spin behind the decks again soon! is looking forward to many more good music from Deluzion. Keep up the good work💪🏻.

‘Outta Here’ is now available on all portals, download here.

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