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Devin Wild impresses with his take on ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ at Armada Music

Devin Wild has left a great impression on Armin van Buuren’s label with his latest release. After 3 years of playing it, ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ finally got to see the light of day on Armada Music and the responses online are exciting so far.

It’s not that often that we see a Hardstyle release on Armada Music – the internationally famous label founded by the one and only Armin van Buuren. But we all know that both Armada and Armin van Buuren like to have some of the harder styles of music every now and then. This time, it was Devin Wild’s turn to crank up the volume, when he heard an iconic vocal 3 years ago. “You gotta hold that sucker down…”

Hardstyle on Armada Music: ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ makes an impact

The original vocal belongs to O.T. Quartet, leading up to a release in 1994. Jerome Isma-Ae has made a dance version of it (release 2009), this track has been brought back to life through recent remixes by Charlotte de Witte – which also came to the attention of Devin Wild. He immediately played at several livestreams and events, but after Reverze 2022 he still got the question: when is the release?

Devin Wild and Armada finally made it happen and people from all over the world seem to love it. “We want more Hardstyle at Armada Music”, is one of the many reactions online. “It’s my favorite release of 2023 so far and Devin Wild’s debut release at the label is an insane banger.” Have you listened to ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ already..?

Devin Wild – ‘Hold That Sucker Down’ is finally released on the imprint of Armada Music. Are you a DJ and would you like to play this record yourself? Then download the official extended version at

Devin Wild – ‘Hold That Sucker Down’

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