It is one of the biggest hardstyle labels in our scene. They have signed dozens of big artists, but also dozens of multi-talented performers to their music label. Yes yes, I am talking about Dirty Workz. The label has a huge catalog of good-quality hardstyle music which makes our scene so great. In fact, this catalog is so big that today they get to put three zeros behind the number and celebrates their 1000th release. The track is called “A Thousand Journeys” by Coone, Da Tweekaz, and Hard Driver als known as The Elite.

Dirty Workz has been around for 15 years and have now reached the point of a huge milestone: the 1000th release. They really want to make something special out of this, because of course, is something you should celebrate BIG.

So, the 1000th release. But how did they decide who would be responsible for this? Ryan ter Heerdt (Label Manager Dirty Workz) tells us more about that: “Quite by accident, we were talking with Da Tweekaz regarding another release, and the 1000th release was brought up in the conversation. They thought it would be cool to do something and together we decided that “The Elite” (Coone, Da Tweekaz, and Hard Driver) would make a track especially for the release. It was also very fitting, seeing all 3 of the artists were one of the first artists to release on Dirty Workz (Hard Driver obviously under his previous artist name)”.

The track is made as an ode to all the artists and tracks in their history, in essence, all of the dreams and creations that are in their own all a “journey” and thus the title “A Thousand Journeys” – “because each track is a journey through the creative mind of an artist in any specific moment of their livesRyan ter Heerdt (Label Manager Dirty Workz).

The music video that accompanies the track will be an ode to all the artists signed to the label. They will also showcase some exclusive items that fans could get their hands on, these items are very limited!

The Elite – A Thousand Journeys (Official Video)

The music video will premiere tonight at 7 pm, exciting! would like to congratulate Dirty Workz on their 1000th release. We hope to see many more hits, artists, and many more from you guys. Cheers to DWX music!

‘A Thousand Journeys’ is now available on all portals, download here.

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