DJ The Prophet & Frontliner: a collab to remember

Hardstyle has seen some of the biggest and most iconic names in dance music, and DJ The Prophet and Frontliner are two of them. Both pioneers in the scene, these two artists have now come together for their first-ever collaboration. In this interview, we take a look at the creative process behind their new track, what sets it apart from others in the scene, and what the future holds for these two legends.

The creative process behind the track

When asked about the creative process behind the track, both artists shared their experiences. Frontliner revealed that he was always jamming new melodies in the studio, and with this collaboration in mind, he wanted to have something catchy that sticks. On the other hand, DJ The Prophet is known for his expertise in the arrangement and finding that perfect hook. He said, “Barry is, and will always be the melody man, so he’s sent me like a bunch of melodies and i (read we) could choose one of them. Than we had to find that hook right, and that is my kinda thingy, so that was my job.”

The unique sound of the track

What sets this collaboration apart from others in the hardstyle scene is the combination of both artists’ styles. As DJ The Prophet puts it, “You really can hear that Proppy-Fronty comby.” Frontliner agreed, saying “Very true! It combines our styles perfectly, whatever that ‘style’ means by the way. Both Dov and I have always been very diverse!”

DJ The Prophet’s final year

As DJ The Prophet nears the end of his career, he shared that there is still much to look forward to. He said, “Actually there is more coming yes, Ran-D & LePrince finished our collab ‘Born To Be Free’ too and Ran-D premiered it at Qlimax in 2022… The lyrics of that track are a real masterpiece if i may say so. And about the rest of the collabs i can’t say too much yet.”

The influence of DJ The Prophet on Frontliner’s career

For Frontliner, working with DJ The Prophet is a dream come true. He revealed that his career started with DJ The Prophet playing his demo through During his time at Scantraxx, DJ The Prophet was a big influence on all the upcoming artists, including Frontliner.

What’s next?

DJ The Prophet’s last show as an artist will be in half 2023, and until then, fans can expect more collabs from him. He said, “And after that is still a mystery for me too!” Meanwhile, Frontliner has no plans of quitting just yet. This year, he will finally release the B-Frontliner, and he is also working with a few other artists, including Alter Ego, which will be releasing some new raw tracks.

In conclusion, DJ The Prophet and Frontliner’s collab is a perfect example of two legends coming together to create something truly special. This new track combines both artists’ styles and sets itself apart from others in the Hardstyle.


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