Festivals with a heavy bass are no longer welcome at the Geffense Plas. The municipality of Oss (NL) is thus responding to the wishes of the neighborhood, which experienced a great deal of nuisance. A direct consequence of the new rules is that the hardstyle festival Fatality will not be able to take place at the lake this summer.

The Geffense Plas falls under the municipality of Oss and therefore have to listen to the new rules that are used. In the coming time, the regulations of the municipality will therefore be adjusted. That regulation states exactly which rules an event organization must adhere to. The regulation states that from now on events with “Ultra Bass” are not allowed. These are festivals with hardstyle and similar music.

*The impact of that kind of events on the environment is enormous,” says Thijs van Kessel to Brabants Dagblad, who for the new rules had contact with residents, the village council Geffen and district council Ruwaard. “And we notice that there is simply no support for it. The neighborhood is willing to provide more space for festivals, but not in this genre. For the organizers of Fatality it is a pity, especially after two years of corona. They too are doing their best to put on something beautiful, but the number of locations where they can go is constantly decreasing. We can’t offer an alternative in Oss, for example.”


Fatality was one of the only larger hardstyle events to take place at the Geffense Plas location, which allowed up to 15,000 visitors. Whether Fatality will return to another location is unclear for now.

A development that is welcomed both in Geffen and in Oss. “It is a godsend,” says Hans Hendriks of the village council of Geffen to Brabants Dagblad. “Because those few years it was really rough. We had the burden, while the visitors sometimes came from far beyond the borders. Therefore we are glad that they listened. The alderman did a good job of that.”


Unfortunately we have to be the bearers of bad news today. Fatality is officially canceled.

The municipality of Oss unexpectedly decided that they will not allow any harder styles events to take place at the Geffense Plassen. Ever since receiving the news, we have been working relentlessly to either come to an agreement with the municipality or find a new location. Despite all of our efforts, we were unable to find a solution that would guarantee the event would take place in full force.

After having to wait for years to finally be able to gather at Fatality again, we were excited, in overdrive and already fully preparing to make this the best edition yet. That’s why it was absolutely devastating to receive such a blow.

Refunds will of course be provided to all that have already purchased tickets. Please send your ticket and bank information to [email protected]

For now, we will deliberate on the plans for future editions. We want to thank everyone for the supportive messages and of course your patience as we sought to remedy the situation.

Until we (finally) meet again!



Everette Rempel
19 April 2023 at 10:17 am

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